Online Magazine Printing with HP and Wikia- profit from your content

How do you plan to profit from online content? Markzware offers PageZephyr Search, the content search application to find specific text in Adobe InDesign file formats that you can use to create online content. Markzware noticed this article on an interesting development, online magazine printing:

Wikipedia founder ties with HP to add
magazine printing platform to Wikia site

Tim Sheahan,, 26 October 2009

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has revealed a new tie-up between user-generated information site Wikia and HP’s MagCloud service that will allow users to create and print magazines.

“We are doing all kinds of things like that to think about ways to sustain this idea of participatory culture. We have no idea if this will be popular,” Wales told news agency Reuters.

Users can source content to print from the 3m web pages and more than 50,000 communities presently on Wikia, which is now making a profit for the first time since it was founded five years ago.

MagCloud enables user to produce bespoke glossy, full-bleed, full color magazine printing through a web interface that allows them to select content and do online magazine printing.

HP has also announced it is using its BookPrep digital printing service with the University of Michigan Library to make 500,000 out-of-print books available for on demand digital printing.

Earlier this year, German start-up publisher PediaPress joint forces with Wikipedia and Lightning Source to customize content from the online encyclopedia to create on-demand books.

Lightning Source is responsible for all the print, with production at both its UK site in Milton Keynes and its US facility in Pennsylvania.


Content search application, PageZephyr Search by Markzware, helps printers, publishers and document creators do a text content search in Adobe InDesign (INDDproprietary file formats. PageZephyr Search makes it easy to search InDesign to find text to use to create content for print or internet.

If you work with large numbers of desktop publishing (DTP) files, PageZephyr Search could change your life. Content search can speed up conversion, licensing and reprint chores. This content search application is a smart tool choice for re-purposing content. It provides the sort of editorial data mining in legacy files that ought to be possible by CMS, but isn’t.

PageZephyr Search, a desktop search engine, simplifies content search in Adobe InDesign to find excerpts for re-use. Markzware PageZephyr Search supports Mac formats and is available as a Mac OS X application.

The heart of PageZephyr Search is, of course, its content search function. You can type a keyword or phrase into the search field and press return. Then, a list of relevant documents containing this text is found and displayed on your desktop. You can choose whether to find any or all of the specified words, and to narrow your search. Check out PageZephyr Search and other Markzware products that help you publish content.

Online Magazine Printing with HP and Wikia – profit from your content

Title: Online Magazine Printing with HP and Wikia- profit from your content
Published on: October 29, 2009
David Dilling

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