PageZephyr Sees What Apple’s Spotlight Can’t

PageZephyr Search, content search application for Adobe InDesign CS5 was mentioned on TechNewsWorld, regarding desktop search and extraction capabilities. PageZephyr Search can search InDesign for specific text within proprietary file formats, expanding where Apple’s Spotlight stops.

Here is an excerpt from this detailed, insightful piece titled, “PageZephyr Sees What Spotlight Can’t“:

Considering the length of time programs like Quark and InDesign have been in the market and the key role search plays in almost every facet of computer use, one might think a program like PageZephyr would have been introduced long ago…

Search InDesign Files Spotlight with Markzware PageZephyr SearchNeed an Adobe CS5 desktop search engine to extract, edit, combine or search content? You can purchase PageZephyr Search, plus other Adobe compatible software via Markzware‘s Products page. Start your Adobe CS5 desktop search today.

PageZephyr Search finds relevant text in Adobe InDesign file formats (INDD documents).

Search InDesign CS through InDesign CC files with Markzware’s content search application. For more information on how to get the most value from your content, check out the PageZephyr Search articles.

PageZephyr Sees What Apple’s Spotlight Can’t

Title: PageZephyr Sees What Apple’s Spotlight Can’t
Published on: January 5, 2010
David Dilling

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