Twitter and the beta release of PageZephyr to search and index Adobe documents

Markzware launched, at PRINT 09 in September, a new desktop search engine called PageZephyr. PageZephyr Search can do content search in Adobe InDesign, with deep desktop search features to help you find text to print or post online.

Here we see some of the excitement generated by the show, exclusive press release and re-tweets via Twitter! Watch Patrick Marchese, co-founder, CEO and President of Markzware, demonstrate this useful desktop search engine, PageZephyr…


PageZephyr desktop search can bridge print with the Internet, considering how fast information can travel in this day and age. Do content search to find text that you can use for desktop publishing (DTP) to print or an online blog.

All right, so “Content Search Engine.” So, hey everybody, we’re here at Print 09 in Chicago. It has been a pretty interesting show here, because we have announced a new product that, which is completely different from our “normal joe” that we’ve been showing here at the shows about checking your native digital files by preflighting. Markzware is going in a whole new direction, which is ‘exciting’! Because were looking into the future with, well, here it is: Content Search Engine.

Now, Mary Gay, I have a question about this. This is in the show daily, we got highlighted in there, now explain this, well, maybe you could show here… oh, hold on, ok, get ready on that Twitter thing here, but Mary Gay, we’ve got all kind of Tweets going on. Yeah, but how did you announce this to the world?

We sent out one copy of our press release, at this show, an exclusive. We went to Bill Esler of GraphicArts Online and it’s basically been exploding and going all around and everywhere….

So, wait, wait, sorry to cut in. You gave this to ONE person, and it’s already (it’s everywhere). Well, maybe you can show us…

Well, I gotta tell you one thing…great job, Mary Gay! I’m just amazed at this, David. I mean really, I just typed in Markzware over here… (This is our Twitter @Markzware page) and it goes, and we see the re-tweets or RT’s… ok, sorry, here we are right here…

Look at all of these guys right here (re-tweeting about PageZephyr), number 1, number 2, InDesign expert, Anne-Marie Concepcion, @amarie, @Web_Consulting, @selfpublishingx, @MicroUpdates, @notespot, @tomraynerdotcom, @kindlenews… Yeah, wow! @Djartist06, @JoeTalik, I mean, you know, it just goes on and on… This is just amazing.

That is just in one day, through an exclusive announcement… yeah… that we have not really officially sent out to anybody yet! Exactly! I’ll tell ya, I’m really excited about this. I think that we have something going on, David, and it is really amazing. This is PageZephyr, new content search engine, looks inside your InDesign files.. I mean really, (without re-opening InDesign), we’ll re-tweet or say thanks to these folks on Twitter; oh yeah, we’ll say thanks to them for sure. But I do not think we ever had to say thanks to so many people at once in the Twittersphere or Twitscape! (laughter) search and index Adobe [INDD] documents with ease!

Print 09, it is bit slow, but our booth is busy, as you can see. We’ll post this on the ol’ YouTube (Markzware on YouTube) and come check our stuff out… well, hold on… Check us out on PageZephyr Search and you know, it is in beta, beta technology, but it is already useful.


PageZephyr is really easy to use. What PageZephyr does is index your drive for all of your Adobe InDesign documents at the moment and soon we will have PDF, PageMaker,  and others.

So, what you can do, is simply search for a keyword or key phrase search, it does not matter what it is. Let’s search for “drain” and you see that there is only one document in this group that has ‘drain’ used within. You see the content stylized, all of the text stories. Exactly, now if I wanted to do a couple other things, like, merge a couple documents together and do a little revise, I can click on one here or better said, one story from one InDesign document and another text story from another now all of a sudden in PageZephyr it all is merged together.

I can see the keywords I searched for as big and highlighted in yellow and I can edit this new document by changing content 4:00 minute mark – replacing content, searching for content and, BINGO – now I have a new document in text format or RTF!

Now, what I can do is post this content onto Google Docs, WordPress, to… Scribd and soon others like BuzzWord or what have you.

All of the open applications that are online so that you can free up your content from all of these data types. Right these proprietary file formats that no one can look inside without laboriously opening by hand, one-by-one, searching for stuff manually. Now you are able to free up your content.

If I clicked on these document types, often times what I’ll get is “file not found”, or “application wrong version”, “wrong OS” or whatever. So, for instance, if the file was named, “The secret to making a million dollars in five minutes” and I am clicking on that to no avail and I cannot find out what the secret is, it is very disrupting, very disturbing. But here, now, with PageZephyr you can do that, it is really amazing…

Twitter and the beta release of PageZephyr to search and index Adobe documents

Title: Twitter and the beta release of PageZephyr to search and index Adobe documents
Published on: October 15, 2009
David Dilling

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