WordPress or InDesign

PageZephyr Search is a content search application by Markzware. It can help you do content search and find specific text when you search InDesign files. You can use the found text to create new content and publish InDesign stories on WordPress. Markzware noticed the following, which likely has more than meets the eye… or is this a sign of the Internet times in which we live?

“…Please use either WordPress or InDesign.
Don’t know of any other students using Blogger

–  @scost1
Source: http://twitter.com/barbaranixon/statuses/47887599496

WordPress or InDesign: Barbara Nixon, Communication Arts educator, GSUCLASSBarbara Nixon, Communication Arts professor at Georgia State University, educates students on public relations concepts and more. A syllabus (See excerpt below) mentions her preference for WordPress and InDesign stating, “You will use Adobe InDesign for your printed publications and WordPress for your blog”:

WordPress blog, Adobe InDesign syllabus: Barbara Nixon, educator, GSU

Source: http://www.slideshare.net/bnixon/prca-3339-pr-publications-syllabus-presentation

Is this the future of Graphic Design?
WordPress and InDesign can be useful tools for communicating via graphic design documents. PageZephyr Search has content search features that can benefit WordPress and Adobe InDesign users. You can find Adobe InDesign text in existing INDD documents and create new content. Then, use that content to upload a story to an online WordPress blog, which can be shared.

Markzware’s content search application, PageZephyr Search, can search text within proprietary desktop publishing (DTP) files, something that Spotlight cannot do. You don’t even need the native application, in order to search InDesign files. Recover the value of your publishing assets with this desktop content search engine. Now, valuable content that is unused, sitting and doing nothing in unsearchable files can be located, extracted and reused or republished.

Search and edit right within Adobe InDesign CS through InDesign CC documents. Save all those hours of having to search for content, by using PageZephyr Search. Locate specific text then copy and paste to create new content. Markzware’s PageZephyr Search is designed to give you maximum penetration into large volumes of archives from desktop publishing documents in INDD proprietary file formats.

WordPress or InDesign

Title: WordPress or InDesign
Published on: October 12, 2009
David Dilling

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