Affinity Publisher to InDesign CC 2019 macOS: PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin

Convert Affinity Publisher to InDesign CC 2019 macOS, via the PDF2DTP InDesign plugin. Markzware shows how to create a PDF in Affinity Publisher & convert it to Adobe InDesign, via PDF2DTP:

In this video, David Dilling shows how to create a PDF in Affinity Publisher and
convert it to Adobe
InDesign CC 2019 on Mac,
using one of
Markzware‘s PDF2DTP InDesign CC plugins for PDF to InDesign file conversion.

Here is the video transcript:

Hi, everybody. David Dilling for Markzware and, like many in the graphic arts, we’ve been testing out this new Affinity Publisher. I have to admit it’s kind of interesting.

Okay, so, what we’re going to show you, now, is this Affinity Publisher. I’m going to finish the Affinity Publisher, in one of the recent files I created, over a weekend, on a video I made. And it’s this one, right here.

And you see it has a cutout image, here, and it’s got some musical note images. It’s got fonts, which are actually individual font boxes, for the most part. Positions, other text, over here, and a logo.

So, what I did, I created a PDF. Now, we’re gonna see how that converts, with a click, this Affinity Publisher file, with one click, right into Adobe InDesign, using PDF, as a medium, and Markzware’s PDF2DTP. Okay. Let’s go check it out.

Alright, today, we are over on the MacBook Pro, Adobe InDesign CC 2019. And up top in the menu bar, you’ll see the Markzware menu item for PDF2DTP.

There’s a host of preferences you can get into and that might affect conversion quality, depending, on or off, sometimes, if there are too many elements, this might create a bad conversion, if there are… Not too many. This is fine.

Markzware PDF to InDesign review
Under the Markzware menu in InDesign, you can click “PDF2DTP” and then click “Convert PDF…”, to begin the file conversion process.

These type of small things, in any event, in theory, right out of the box, most of time, just use PDF2DTP by going PDF2DTP > Convert PDF. And it’s that simple.

And, then, we’re going to go select that PDF we just created, or I created, a couple of days ago, and you’ll see it, here. We just click Open and we can now convert this PDF, all native elements, right into InDesign, just as it was in Affinity Publisher, earlier, as you saw on the screen.

So, you get all the links, get images exported out of the PDF and saved out into another folder. And we get all the text. If we resize it, you’ll see we get the font, right there.

And you’ll see, if we go into the font, we’ll get the exact font, just as it was used in Affinity. And, like I mentioned, I think in the other video, these are all individual text boxes, so, we have to resize them all. We get exactly, more or less, what we had in Affinity. We get the Frog image, over here.

They are exported at the size used, so, that’s the only drawback to this, is, there, you see it. The frogs got cut in half, because that’s the only thing that was used in the file, so, it’s actually okay, in theory, and the logo.

Affinity Publisher to InDesign CC 2019 macOS via Markzware PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin
Above is an Affinity Publisher file and, beneath it is the same layout opened in Adobe InDesign CC 2019, by using Markzware PDF2DTP, software to convert PDF to InDesign.

So, what you see is this a great, quick, and easy way to get your Affinity Publisher files right into InDesign, with all of the elements converted, even with live text, in most cases, and everything, right there, for you. Oh, yeah. I forgot about the sound, the sound of frogs at night. A lovely sound, it is. And this was over here, a little bit, wasn’t it? Yeah, something like that.

Anyway, just our quick, little tip, today, for those dabbling with Affinity Publisher or having customers that are dabbling and say, “Hey, make something even more professional than this, in Adobe InDesign.” You can convert your Affinity Publisher files, right into Adobe InDesign, using PDF as a medium, and Markzware‘s PDF2DTP.

(End of Transcript)

Markzware PDF-InDesign Logo Panel Horizontal 480x595
Markzware PDF2DTP conversion software puts PDF content into
Adobe InDesign, so that you can edit that content.

The Markzware PDF2DTP Bundle Subscription gives you access to PDF2DTP for InDesign CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, 2015, CC 2014, CC, and CS6 for macOS with a single purchase and license. This offers you the most flexibility now and in the future, for one low price.

You can buy the PDF to InDesign CC plugin, along with the other plugins in the bundle, via the PDF2DTP page. More document conversion tools are offered on the Markzware Products page.

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Affinity Publisher to InDesign CC 2019 macOS: PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin

Title: Affinity Publisher to InDesign CC 2019 macOS: PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin
Published on: July 29, 2019
David Dilling

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