Convert PDF to InDesign, QuarkXPress: Markzware PDF2DTP (Testimonial)

Markzware PDF2DTP testimonial… This graphic designer/art director joins other creative professionals in their appreciation for the data conversion software that can convert PDF to QuarkXPress or convert PDF to InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite. Read about her success story here:

Markzware PDF2DTP User, Lisa Salazar, graphic designer and art director

“When you’ve had prayers answered like mine with my experience with PDF2DTP, then anything is possible, right”?

“My prayers have been answered with my experience using Markzware‘s PDF2DTP,” said Lisa Salazar, graphic designer and art director in Vancouver since the mid 70s. Salazar was one of the first to adopt desktop publishing (DTP) when it was first made possible on the MacPlus with (do you remember?) PageMaker.

“I love what I do but this Fall I am heading back to school to get a Masters degree in order to become a chaplain! Who’d have thought? Not me; but when you’ve had prayers answered, like mine with my experience with PDF2DTP, then anything is possible, right?!”

Most of the PDFs that Salazar creates are print/production-ready files for all kinds of output, from business cards to billboards. “I use both QuarkXPress and InDesign almost exclusively.  Even PDFs that I generate in other apps, such as Illustrator and (even) MS Word, get imposed and imposed into a page layout and a new PDF generated. I find the file sizes to be considerably smaller, especially compared to PDFs generated in Illustrator. They are rich in both text and graphics like pretty much everything produced these days.”

How to Convert PDF File to InDesign CS6 or to QuarkXPress with
Data Conversion Software (InDesign Plugin or QuarkXPress XTension)

Markzware PDF2DTP enables users to edit PDF files and legacy files within
INDD for Adobe Creative Suite or within QXP

Salazar expressed appreciation for the fact that images can be exported out of the PDF: “This feature is great, especially when a client sends me a PDF as the only file they have on hand and they need one of two things: to revise the existing file, or create a new one using elements from the one supplied. It’s amazing how clients seldom have vector versions of their logos or hi-res versions of their images and, even though it is possible to deconstruct a PDF in Illustrator, it is so much easier to open the folder PDF2DTP puts them in.”

Has this saved Salazar time and money? “In my worst nightmares, I lose all my client build files and source images in a catastrophic event. This sort of happened recently, when an external drive I was using for a new client crashed. All my source images and build files were on that drive. What saved me and my client a big headache was that I keep all final PDFs in a double-backed archive on separate drives. I was able to regenerate build files for all the projects I have done for this client and recovered the source images, too.”

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Title: Convert PDF to InDesign, QuarkXPress: Markzware PDF2DTP (Testimonial)
Published on: July 18, 2013
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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