Edit PDF in InDesign or QuarkXPress for Prepress: Pitstop or PDF2DTP?

To edit PDF in InDesign or QuarkXPress for prepress, which should you use: Pitstop or PDF2DTP?

“Before PDF2DTP, we used PitStop for the corrections, now we can do it better!

This is what Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress customer, Dirk Rosenplänter from Blueprint Werbeagentur e.K., had to say about this amazing new design, publishing and prepress conversion tool from MarkzwarePDF2DTP, instead of PitStop, at least for these nasty Microsoft Word generated PDFs which need massive prepress editing.

With Markzware PDF2DTP, you can easily convert PDF to InDesign or PDF to QuarkXPress with a click and there are many more uses. It’s not only for prepress or print jobs. It is also for any DTP design layouts of which all you can find is the PDF, for fixing bad QuarkXPress files where you do have a PDF, and for prepress work, as Mr. Rosenplänter highlights:

“We have a lot of PDFs from „Word“ 😉 Before PDF2DTP, we used PitStop for the corrections, now we can do it better! As a recent example, we had come in an advert in PDF for a meeting. The ad was in RGB, Fonts not included, the trim and bleed were not correct, etc. I open it with the PDF2DTP plugin and it works very nice. A little bit of touching-up work on the pictures and the colours, but not much… Thanks for the app!”

Dirk Rosenplänter

Blueprint Werbeagentur e.K.

Markzware PDF2DTP User, Dirk Rosenplanter

Convert PDF File to InDesign or QuarkXPress

Why use Adobe Acrobat or PDF editors such as PitStop at the prepress stage when you can make changes in your familiar DTP (desktop publishing) environment with Markzare PDF2DTP? Check out the PDF2DTP page for your PDF to QuarkXPress and your PDF to InDesign prepress conversion needs. Convert PDF to InDesign or convert PDF to QuarkXPress today!

Edit PDF in InDesign or QuarkXPress for prepress with Markzware PDF2DTP! 


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