Have a PDF but No InDesign File? Edit PDF Content in InDesign on macOS

Have a PDF but No InDesign File?
Edit PDF Content in InDesign on macOS

If you have a PDF, but no InDesign file, you can edit PDF content, in InDesign on macOS, using Markzware’s PDF2DTP InDesign plugin. Check out the details and video, below:

No InDesign File, but Have the PDF?

Do you have a great artwork file that you created a long time ago, but the original Adobe InDesign (.indd) file was lost? No one backed up the file (for shame) and now, all you have left is the press-quality PDF that you sent to the printer?

Well, Markzware’s PDF2DTP Plug-In for InDesign converts PDFs into editable InDesign documents. Markzware is known for its file conversion, preview, and preflight software for printers, publishers and graphic arts professionals.

PDF conversion is not a perfect process. When a PDF is created, most of the info we expect in a DTP app is stripped away.

Batch Convert PDF Files

Adobe InDesign CC 2017 logo 250x250

into Adobe InDesign,
via PDF2DTP by Markzware

Recycle PDF Content. Edit PDFs in InDesign

However, PDF2DTP is designed to create an InDesign file that looks as close as possible to your original PDF, yet has editable parts. These editable parts may differ from what your original InDesign file contained, but now you can edit them and look like your team’s hero.

Markzware‘s PDF2DTP can help you to be able to edit PDF data, within Adobe InDesign. This video demonstration explains the details:

Video: PDF to InDesign user of PDF2DTP –
#Graphic #Designer – Sundee Koffarnus

(Click on the image above,
to watch the video.)

Markzware‘s PDF2DTP InDesign plugin converts single and multiple PDF files and opens them in Adobe InDesign versions. So, you can get the content from a .pdf file into an InDesign version for editing of the PDF content.

Recycle creative jobs that were once thought beyond further use. With PDF2DTP, you’ll be able to rapidly build InDesign documents, based on existing PDF content.

Markzware PDF2DTP for InDesign Go to PDF2DTP Menu

“Convert PDF…” Menu Item in
Markzware‘s PDF2DTP InDesign plugin

How to Convert a PDF File to InDesign

• To convert all pages in a PDF, click the Markzware menu item, click PDF2DTP, select “Convert PDF”, select the PDF (or hold down the Command key to select multiple PDFs), then click Open.

• To specify a range of pages, click PDF2DTP under the Markzware menu item and select “Convert Page Range…”.

• To set certain parameters and options for PDF file conversion, click PDF2DTP under the Markzware menu item and select “Preferences…”.

• To view the help/about window, click PDF2DTP under the Markzware menu item and select “Help…”.

PDF2DTP Benefits

• speeds access to PDF content within InDesign, saving you the time it would take to manually re-construct all the data from the PDF document.

• converts PDF file to INDD file, with accuracy.

• saves money, since it reduces the costs of rebuilding content.

“I do a lot of charts and graphs, so sometimes I receive PDFs from authors that I need to convert for use in a newsletter. And it’s nice to have something that I can export and get all my images in one location and also extract the text from. Very convenient, yeah. And it is. It’s one click. Once I install the plug-in, I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s right there.’ Click. Boom.”
– Sundee Koffarnus, PDF2DTP user

PDF2DTP for InDesign CC Mac Win Down Sampled Images

Images from the PDF are included in the
file conversion (via PDF2DTP) to Adobe InDesign

PDF2DTP Benefits

1. The Convert PDF menu item allows you to select and convert all pages in a PDF file to InDesign CS6 through InDesign 2020.

2. The Convert Page Range menu item allows you to select a PDF file and range of pages to convert. The settings used will be current values set under the Preferences area.

3. The Preferences menu item brings up the PDF2DTP Preferences window where you can set certain parameters and options for the conversion of PDF files. These preferences include the Document Settings, Font Settings, and Save To preferences.

4. The Help menu item will display a small window that contains the following items:

• The version number of PDF2DTP for InDesign you are running. If you contact Tech Support, you will want to keep this version number handy.

• The link to the online PDF2DTP manual. Clicking this will open up your default web browser and take you to the online manual.

• The link to the Markzware Tech Support Request Form. Clicking on this will open up your default web browser and take you to the Markzware Online Technical Support Form. The form should have your License ID pre-pasted in, to save you some time.

PDF2DTP for InDesign

Buy PDF2DTP for InDesign

You can use an InDesign plugin to convert PDF files to Adobe InDesign, today! Buy Markzware’s low-cost PDF2DTP Bundle Subscription for macOS (including PDF2DTP updates throughout your 12-month subscription term), via the PDF2DTP page.

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Have a PDF but No InDesign File? Edit PDF Content in InDesign: PDF2DTP

Title: Have a PDF but No InDesign File? Edit PDF Content in InDesign on macOS
Published on: May 6, 2020
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