Convert Quark for INDD with Q2ID InDesign Plugin for Quark

Convert Quark for INDD with Q2ID, Markzware’s InDesign plugin for Quark. Markzware has a data conversion solution for printing and publishing professionals that receive requests requiring either QuarkXPress 9 or InDesign CS6:

Many printing and publishing industries rely on creative application users for the production workflow. With the growing popularity of QuarkXPress 9 and Adobe InDesign CS6, requests can be made that demand one or the other of these creative applications. A data conversion solution is available that allows users to open QuarkXPress 9 content in InDesign CS6.

Markzware publishes Q2ID, an InDesign plugin for Quark that can convert Quark for INDD and get your QuarkXPress 9 files into Adobe InDesign CS6. Even lengthy, full-color documents with hundreds of pages, lots of images, charts, tables, etc. can convert from QuarkXPress 9 to InDesign CS6 with Q2ID.

Convert Quark for INDD with Q2ID InDesign Plugin for Quark

Markzware’s InDesign plugin can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign (INDD)

Are you a QuarkXPress 9 user trying to keep pace with a constantly changing industry (or perhaps know a QuarkXPress 9 user)? Q2ID CS6 can help, allowing the user to work in a widely-used format, since it can convert QuarkXPress 9 to InDesign CS6.

When creative professionals try to transition to another creative application or creative application version on their own, they may encounter problems with fonts, text flows or tints. Solve these problems with Markzware Q2ID to convert QuarkXPress 9 to InDesign CS6.

Convert Quark for INDD with Q2ID
Markzware Open Quark in InDesign - the v5 Q2ID dialogue screenInDesign plugin for Quark, Markzware Q2ID, can convert QuarkXPress 9 to InDesign CS6

The data conversion process is simple and fast with Q2ID, resulting in a file that looks exactly like it looked in QuarkXPress 9, or only requiring minor editing. Markzware’s Adobe CS6 plugin, Q2ID is an InDesign plugin to convert Quark for indd, enabling you to convert QuarkXPress 9 files and bring them into InDesign CS6.

The investment in Q2ID is definitely worthwhile and can quickly pay for itself to easily justify the expenditure. Save time and money on data conversion from Quark to InDesign with Markzware Q2ID, available online via the Q2ID page.

Convert QuarkXPress 9 to InDesign CS6 with Markzware’s Adobe InDesign plugin, Q2ID.

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