Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5.5 and Edit InDesign Text

Markzware Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5.5. Q2ID can migrate QuarkXPress v3.3 through v9 content to InDesign CS5.5.

As the developer of Q2ID (Quark to InDesign), the QuarkXPress to InDesign conversion software, Markzware noticed this article called “Creative Place and Store Linking” by Cari Jansen. InDesign CS5.5 users may find something helpful in the Place and Link Story feature and the following tips.

Markzware edit indesign text

The InDesign CS5.5 Place and Link Story feature can update text so you can edit source text without having to use Text Variables. This is handy, for example, for a master head design with regularly-changing text, in which case, editing the parent’s original text triggers a modified link warning in the Links panel. Here is one creative way to use this InDesign CS5.5 feature:

  • Create a text frame and insert text.
  • Select the text frame and Edit > Place and Link Story (the Loaded Text Cursor will appear).
  • Click and drag text for placement.
  • Enable InDesign Smart Guides to ensure this text frame will match its parent’s dimensions.

The Link Story icon appears on the text frame. A story link appears in Links.

  • After adding the linked story to the document, click the Control Panel’s Flip Vertical button.
  • Set the space between the two text frames to zero (use distribute spacing in the Align panel or drag the object with the selection tool to place it.

For a layout shadow affect:

  • Select the bottom text frame and the Gradient Feather Tool to create a transparency effect to use an overlay for other page objects.
  • Click and drag from just above the top of the flipped text frame to the bottom.

A mini-shear or transformation may be added to the frame.

  • Double click the modified link in the Links panel to automatically update all of the linked stories in the document, as you would with linked graphics.

After you convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5.5 with Q2ID, this is one way to use this QuarkPress to InDesign CS5.5 feature. Q2ID can save you a lot of time and money when doing Quark to ID file conversion. To purchase Q2ID to have convert QuarkXPress CS5.5, visit the Q2ID page on the Markzware website.

Title: Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5.5 and Edit InDesign Text
Published on: November 11, 2011
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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