Convert QuarkXPress With Markzware Q2ID: Convert QuarkXPress Files To Adobe InDesign

Markzware Q2ID User, JoAnn LaForge, graphic designer, JoAnn LaForge DesignGraphic Design Professional

Markzware recently had an opportunity to discuss with freelance graphic designer, JoAnn LaForge, from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, about InDesign plugin, Q2ID:

Markzware: Please share with us how you learned of Markzware’s conversion software, Q2ID.

LaForge: I desperately needed something to convert my older QuarkXPress [legacy files] and did a Google search and found the Q2ID plug-in.

Markzware: Did you find the data conversion seamless and reasonable to convert QuarkXPress to InDesign?

LaForge: I was very pleased to find that the plug-in worked seamlessly. The files converted quickly and there was very little reformatting I needed to do, which has saved me a countless number of hours.

Markzware: Would you consider the investment of Q2ID worthwhile and would you recommend this conversion tool to other creative professionals who need to convert Quark to InDesign content?

LaForge: I thought the price seemed a little high, at first. I have had experiences where I paid for other plug-ins and ended up very disappointed by the performance of the plug-in. And, in the end, it did not fit my need or perform as it was represented. I remembered reading about Markzware’s product in MacLife magazine and it received good reviews and I needed a solution.

I am so happy with this plug-in, as it met my needs and exceeded all of my expectations. I have and would definitely recommend this InDesign plugin to other creative professionals.

Convert QuarkXPress With Markzware Q2ID: Convert QuarkXPress Files To Adobe InDesign

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