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Q2ID v5.5 – video demo and transcription

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– the new Q2ID v5.5 demo – Hi everybody, I’m David Dilling from Markzware. Today, I would like to show you, or introduce you, to the new version of Q2ID – Quark to InDesign. Q2ID v5.5, which works within CS5.5 or CS4; or CS4 will allow you to convert your QuarkXPress 9, also newly added, and lower Quark files, right into Adobe InDesign.

BREAKING NEWS – just wanted to add in here that Q2ID v5.5 for Macintosh or Windows also has Lion or 10.7 Mac OS  support added.

Here we see (computer desktop) our QuarkXPress document. Let’s open that .QXP file in QuarkXPress 9 and see how it looks. This document is an advertisement (A4, full color) for FlightCheck, which hopefully you all also use. It is used on the Mac to preflight and package your Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, EPS, PDF, pretty much any DTP (Desktop Publishing) document, you name it! Take a look at the position of the objects in the layout, the stylization of the fonts, the colors used, the overlapping, transparency and trapping, etc. And then we will see how that looks after we use Q2ID v5.5 … (fading off to next graphic)

Q2ID (Quark to InDesign conversion – how to open Quark files in InDesign) itself is operational via the Markzware menu item within Adobe InDesign. Before I show you how easy it is to open a QuarkXPress document in InDesign, let me first show you something about the license control.

You can Activate your Q2ID v5.5 license by copy and pasting it into this field named, “Provide/Paste a Licensing ID.” Then hit “Next” and make sure you hit “Finish” at the end to finalize the activation. Or you can can De-Activate this license to move to another machine. That radio button in Q2ID licensing is called, “De-Activate this Application’s License (I’m Changing Systems). There is more and another help video on YouTube on how to install Q2ID v5.

So how do we open this here Quark page into InDesign? How do we convert Quark to InDesign? Simply go to that Markzware Menu item within InDesign, select Q2ID and then select, “Convert QuarkXPress® Document.” Then you get this File-Open type of dialog. You just cruise over to the location of where the Quark file is on your computer, you select it and you click open. It is that easy to open Quark in InDesign with Q2ID!

You see the Quark to InDesign conversion happens in mere seconds. You can see here that it looks now in InDesign exactly like it did in Quark 9, just a minute ago. All font styles, image positions, trapping, transparency, run-around, colors, everything just comes over into InDesign CS5.5 or CS5, pretty much perfectly.


I should also note that Q2ID v5.5 can do a cross-platform conversion. So, I am on a Mac here in this video, and I can open Windows Quark files in InDesign and vice-versa.

Q2ID v5.5 converts any Quark file you throw at it! So here in this next example, in a small minute or maybe a minute and a half, and you’ll see here in InDesign, this next once Quark file, now opened in InDesign is a 329 page book, with complex graphics and large blocks of stylized text. A minute to convert all of this content, from Quark to InDesign.

That is the magic Markzware’s Q2ID v5.5 can offer you. A great way for publishers, printers and graphic designers to work in mixed environments or to convert your archive of legacy QuarkXPress files right into InDesign.

Many of you will do a Q2ID search on the Internet, in this case on Google. You can find our web page, Markzware or you can see and even hear what others are saying about Q2ID v5.5. I also highly recommend that you check out the MarkzwareTV channel.

There we have a whole bunch of educational playlists on Q2ID, but also video testimonials on Q2ID and the other Markzware Products, like FlightCheck and PageZephyr. Let’s listen to this customer testimonial from Sandee Cohen at a past Graph Expo in Chicago:
“Hi Everybody and we are here at GraphExpo and I have Sandee Cohen here (Vectorbabe)” Sandee’s quote, who is a graphic design and layout industry expert said:
“Q2ID did a better job than ME… and I DO InDesign!”

Over on our web page, you’ll find the Q2ID page, under the Products pull-down menu. There you will see this Q2ID demo video and a lot of other details on Q2ID v5.5, including the System Requirements. Please review carefully. On the Q2ID page you can also Buy Now or Upgrade your Q2ID v5 to Q2ID v5.5. Q2ID v5.5 has a lot of new features and functions added: most importantly, QuarkXPress 9 support, Adobe InDesign CS5.5 support added and Lion or Mac OS 10.7 support for our Mac users out there.

For those of you with lower versions of InDesign, CS3 or CS2, we know your out there. We have the Markzware Quark and InDesign File Conversion Service. Email for more info on the pricing for the Markzware File Conversion Service for your Quark, InDesign and other DTP file formats.

This is David Dilling for Markzware, signing off and till the next time. Markzware, baby, Markzware Q2ID v5.5 is out!

File Conversion Service and InDesign plugin, Q2ID v5.5!

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