Desktop Publishing Software Q2ID - Convert Quark to InDesign DTP Jobs

Desktop Publishing Software Q2ID – Convert Quark to InDesign DTP Jobs

Desktop publishing software (DTP solution), Markzware Q2ID, can convert Quark to InDesign for file conversion. This desktop publisher needed file conversion software. Markzware provided the solution with one of its desktop file converters for Adobe CS5:

Markzware customer, Anne Newton, has a lot of responsibilities as the director of marketing for Frontier Health. Having the tasks to manage the public relations and marketing activities for this 501(c)3 not-for-profit company, Newton also designs:

  • collateral materials
  • web sites
  • brochures
  • trade show boards
  • powerpoint presentations for 63 facilities and 90+ programs
  • and more.
Markzware Q2ID user, Anne Newton, director of marketing, Frontier Health

“Q2ID has been very useful in converting the dozes of
files I need to reprint, update and make changes…”

Having used QuarkXPress and PageMaker up until March of this year, Newton has now made the switch to Adobe InDesign for her DTP jobs. Making the switch takes time, and the thought of having to recreate the wheel with a lot of these projects could be a daunting task.  What piqued Newton’s interest is a search that she had done online and discovered Markzware had a desktop publishing software called Q2ID (the Quark to InDesign data converter for Adobe CS5 desktop) that would make this file conversion a lot easier.

Soon thereafter, Newton heard about Markzware Q2ID, again, at a SkillPath seminar she attended. She decided to purchase the desktop publishing software and give it a try. “The conversion is seamless, and the majority of what I need converts so that I can more easily access the content. I typically create a new, blank document to transfer the content to ensure I have a file stripped of any conversion elements that I do not want. It has been very useful in converting the dozens of files I need to reprint, update and make changes, not to mention just generally convert from one desktop publishing software to the other.”

Having to convert Quark DTP jobs over to another desktop publishing software has helped Newton to save time and move more quickly on other projects. “Q2ID is very useful and eliminates several minutes from my file conversion process. Because of the volume of my work, any time I can shave off of my workload increases my productivity and availability for other staff projects.”

You can check out Q2ID tutorials for desktop publishing at MarkzwareTV on YouTube. Watch to learn how Q2ID desktop publishing software converts DTP jobs from Quark to InDesign for Adobe CS5 desktop projects. See the Q2ID demo video. You can get this Quark to InDesign DTP download via the Q2ID page.

How has Markzware Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) file conversion solution saved time on your DTP jobs, when you needed to convert Quark?  Do you need to convert Adobe CS5 desktop projects? We want to hear your story about when you needed desktop publishing software to convert Quark to InDesign. Please share it with us.

Desktop Publishing Software Q2ID – Convert Quark to InDesign DTP Jobs

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