Open Quark in InDesign

Open Quark in InDesign

Open Quark in InDesign CS5 or CS4, or convert QuarkXPress into Adobe InDesign CS5. Markzware recently released the latest version of Q2ID v5, the Adobe CS5 plug in which does just that. It can convert Quark to InDesign with basically one mouse click! This valuable layout conversion for InDesign is needed by many in graphic arts and print-media.

Markzware Open Quark in InDesign - the v5 Q2ID dialogue screen

Open Quark in InDesign – the Q2ID v5 dialogue

You can buy Markzware’s Adobe InDesign CS5 plugin via the Q2ID page. You can also view the Q2ID video demonstration below:

Open Quark in InDesign

Open QuarkXPress (QXP) files within InDesign (INDD) files.

You can also see many detailed Q2ID articles on the CS5 plugin that can convert QuarkXPress. Read them to learn how this award-winning Adobe InDesign plugin benefits layout artists, prepress operators and publishers.

Markzware also has numerous video demonstrations and compelling customer reviews on MarkzwareTV. These videos show just how easy, effective and awesome this file conversion tool is. With the Q2ID Adobe CS5 plugin from Markzware, it is possible to open Quark in InDesign!

Open Quark in InDesign

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