Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) Bundle Subscription: Installation and Activation

Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) Bundle Subscription

Installation and Activation
in Adobe InDesign CC, CS6, CS5.5 or CS5

Software tutorial on how to install and activate Markzware Q2ID Bundle Subscription for the multi-award winning Quark to InDesign plugin. The NEW Q2ID bundle is a yearly membership and allows you access to all versions of Q2ID for InDesign CC, CS6, CS5.5 or CS5 and also for Mac or Win. You can easily install Q2ID CC and more. Here is how the Q2ID bundle subscription installation and activation works:

Q2ID Bundle Subscription:
Installation and Activation in Adobe InDesign CC, CS6, CS5

How to install Q2ID CC for data conversion with an
Adobe CC plugin to import QuarkXPress into INDD

Q2ID is now sold very similar to InDesign CC, which means a subscription model, but with that, you get all updates and upgrades for free during that year period, but you also can use both Mac and Windows versions. And you get, not only the CC version of Q2ID, but the CS6, and at this point, still CS5.5 and CS5 versions. So, you can use various versions for different requirements you might have for that user within that workflow.

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Purchase and install Q2ID CC and more versions of
Markzware’s Quark to InDesign plugin!

Alright, so we buy it, and what happens? Well, we’ll get an email that looks similar to this. What you’ll get in is the email that looks similar to this. You’ll get your notification of what the product is for, Q2ID CC, you get your license code, and you get the download URL. This is your personal and private download URL. It’s only for you to use, not to share with anybody else. It’s a custom build for your particular coded application, in this case, Q2ID CC for InDesign.

To use Q2ID, you simply double click on the URL, the hyperlink. And what you’ll see is information, its active license, the order details, and what you’ll get is Win, and down below are Mac, links for CS5, CS5.5, CS6, or InDesign CC, which we’re going to show you now how to install. I’m going to cruise down to the Mac version. Windows installation is very similar. Your Mac InDesign CC is the first one listed, the one-year subscription. And we just click the link and we start the download.

It’s now contacting markzcontrol.markzware.com. MarkzControl is our licensing technology, fully developed by Markzware, and this is all quite simple to activate. And we just have to agree to the End User License Agreement, which we recommend you, of course, read and agree to, which we do. Click “I agree” and we can start the download. It is vital that you keep everything in the download package, that you decompress fully, in a moment, altogether. It’s also highly recommended that you download the installer on the actual machine you’re going to install the product on. If one little part of this download gets missing, the installation may not work. We hit “Save File”, and it’s now downloading, as I can see.

In addition to the CC Creative Cloud updater I got earlier on, I can now get my Q2ID for CC InDesign right here. Now, I see that in my Downloads folder, and I can double click that, and I get a folder. Oops, I did it twice, doesn’t really matter. I get a folder here and, if I go into that… Let’s make this a little bit bigger. If I go in there, I can now see that I get the manual, which we highly recommend you read and understand, the installer for Q2ID for CC for InDesign, and this file here you can just leave alone. Do not move anything. This is where you have the actual installer itself, and the plugin itself, and some other hidden items.

So, let’s first just open up the manual here. More information on the installation. So, you decompress it and double click on the set of icons. It will be very similar for Windows. You click “Open” and it asks you, this has been downloaded from the internet, and this is where you can now click “Install”. We’ll go over this in a moment. Remove, if you need to remove, if you want to, and you go through this process. So, all the information will be in here.

So, you just saw the way it works. You just double-click here, “Setup CC”. Setup CC is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Yes, we do. And now we get the “Welcome to Q2ID for Adobe InDesign CC”. Please choose one of the buttons below. Well, we want to install, and so we click “Install”. It asks me to type in my password, and it’s that quick. Q2ID installation is complete. Wow, that was quite easy.

Well, there is one more step, and that’s very important, and that is basically launching, or it actually is launching, InDesign CC. So, let’s do that now. Alright, so now we’ve got InDesign CC here. We’re just going to open that up, and that’s how we’ll complete the installation of Q2ID, which as you have seen till now, is very easy. That is kind of a neat splash screen there. Now, the first part we see is, well, you saw it. Thank you. It was doing something, and what that doing something was effectively activating your product.

So, now with an active internet connection, which you can see I have up here. I don’t have any strict firewalls or web proxies in the way. If you do, you’ll have to read the manual and look for ways around that. But what you see is right away the product is activated, and now I get the option to register. If I don’t register, this screen will keep on popping up, but if I do, and down below here is your important code to retain, because that’s how you can always get your download back.

You should also save that download link, as that will always be valid. But if I now fill in this information, I can then register it and I will get no more pop up windows when I start InDesign CC. You see it’s Q2ID for CC v1. Thank you for registering! Markzware’s Q2ID for InDesign CC v1. Okay, so let’s close that down. The activation process is now complete, your product is ready to use. So, that’s, like I mentioned, this all happens automatically. It’s very easy to install and activate Markzware’s Q2ID for CC InDesign Macintosh or Windows. This is Mac, but Windows process is very similar.

Now, we’re in InDesign CC. Basically, it’s the same way that Q2ID has worked since CS4 or whatever it was, where up top in the menu of InDesign, you’ll get the Markzware menu item and under that, you’ll get Q2ID, and there you can choose “Convert QuarkXPress Document”. It’s that easy to use Markzware’s Q2ID for CC of InDesign.

When you subscribe to access several versions of the QuarkXPress to InDesign plugin, watch the above video on how to install Q2ID CC. The Markzware Q2ID Bundle Subscription includes Mac and Windows versions of each Q2ID CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC plugin!

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