Q2ID ROI Report Adobe Plugin for QuarkXPress to InDesign

Q2ID is an Adobe InDesign plugin from Markzware to convert Quark to InDesign. A detailed ROI (Return On Investment) report on Q2ID was published, showing that a single license of the Q2ID Adobe plugin can have a first year ROI of over 1,000%, as seen in this chart:

Markzware Q2ID ROI Chart

Note: This report used only five files, and even with only so few, the Q2ID ROI is over 1,000 percent. It is likely that many publishers and advertising agencies will have many more files than that, making the return on investment incredibly amazing. They put a lot of attention to costs, time and QuarkXPress InDesign complexities for all layout or DTP programs are not created equal. This is a great resource for publishers or agencies that often need to first prove ROI to purchasing managers or executives before getting approval for buying software licenses.

IT Enquirer publishes Q2ID ROI report
On Monday, IT Enquirer, a leading cross-media publishing industry website, has released a report on Markzware Q2ID Adobe plugin, a conversion tool that translates layouts from QuarkXPress to InDesign. The report contains the return on investment for one-seat and five-seat licenses of the Q2ID Adobe plugin. It calculates the Return of Investment (ROI) for 1 to 5 documents. The measurements that led to the ROI results are included with the report. The Markzware Q2ID ROI report is the first of a series of ROI reports planned for publication on IT Enquirer. This first report is a completely free download – no prior registration required…The ROI study on the Q2ID Adobe plugin can be downloaded for free…”
Source: http://quarkxpress2indesign.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/q2id_roi_report/

Q2ID, data conversion software to convert Quark to InDesign, can be purchased via the Q2ID page. If, however, you want to convert an InDesign file to QuarkXPress, Markzware also has ID2Q, this Quark XTension will take Adobe InDesign files and convert them over to QuarkXPress.

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