Q2ID Saves Electricity!

Q2ID Saves Electricity!

Celebrate Earth Day with Us!

Being green and being frugal often go hand in hand.

In the first three months of 2018, Q2ID users have converted 92,037 documents, preserving enough computer time and energy (kilowatt hours) to power a typical U.S. household for over a year and to save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The Math:

  • 92,037 documents converted
  • 1 hour of work saved per document on average
  • The average computer consumes 0.15 kW/hour

Equates to 13,800 kWh saved!

Thank you for doing your part.

"This bit of software has saved my sanity and weeks of extra work. I was dubious about how seamlessly it would work, expecting to have to do lots of tweaking on the translated artwork but it has translated my 600+ page catalogue plus numerous smaller jobs into InDesign without a hitch. Thank you!"

- Claire Kibart, barwick.co.uk

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