Sandee Cohen: Q2ID did a better job than me and I do InDesign

Markzware has a lot of fun at graphic design, publishing and print trade shows. Throw in a video camera and industry personalities walking around and it is a blast! Sandee Cohen (, industry trainer, designer and InDesign author, comments on her personal experience with Q2ID, Markzware’s InDesign plugin to convert Quark to InDesign.

Markzware was honored by the praise from this InDesign expert. Hear her glowing remarks on Q2ID, the InDesign plugin to convert Quark to InDesign:

“And what was more fascinating was, I had that page one which I had done on my own to do as a comparison and I have to tell you Q2ID did a better job than me and I do InDesign.” – Sandee Cohen

Vectorbabe, Sandee Cohen tells us about Graph Expo, InDesign and more

Interview with Sandee Cohen by Mary Gay Marchese

MGM: Hi everybody, we’re here at Graph Expo here in Chicago and I have Sandee Cohen here and Sandee I’ve a question for you. How did you first find out about Q2ID?

SC: Well I’ve always known about Q2ID, but what happened for me was, I had a job. I had a client who came in and they gave me a Quark file and let’s see. I started with ID before Quark 5, 6, 7, 8 happened, so InDesign always opened Quark files for me. But they sent me a Quark, I guess it was a Quark 6 file and I looked at it in Quark. And I said, well, you know, this is an easy file, I’ll replicate it in InDesign. It was a simple one-page thing. I didn’t think anything of it. I finished it and suddenly realized there were 5 other pages in the file and I thought this is taking too long. This is not what I signed on for this project. So, I immediately that day, that moment, went to your website and downloaded Q2ID, opened it and tada. And what was more fascinating was I had that page one, which I had done on my own to do. So, that was the story of how it happened.

MGM: Wow that’s a great story and hey everybody you heard it right from the expert, Sandee. I mean, it doesn’t give that stuff here at the show. How is the show going for you? Are you finding some other interesting software?

SC: Ahh… You know one of the things that I just love about GraphExpo and for a printing, not a print person, but a software designer teacher as me. Some of these machines are a little too much hardware, but I really recommend to designers to come and see shows like this and if you aren’t at a show like this, go visit a print shop near you. It is really important to find out exactly what’s happening when ink hits the paper. What do you mean there’s glue. What do you mean there’s, ahh, saddle stitching. What does that mean? And finding out about this stuff. So when I go around, I’m really finding out what is the final product. And that’s what this show is really good for.

MGM: You whispered a little bit about stuff on your company and, you know, expand upon that, so people know how good, you know… I mean, pretty much everyone knows Sandee, but…

SC: Hahaha.

MGM: I mean everybody in the States. Hahaha.

SC: Well, I, actually, people know me. My website is and I’m Vector Babe. Of course, my cat’s name is Pixel. And I’ve been working with computer graphics, vector graphics and page layout for who knows how long. I, when people ask me what I do for a living, I teach computer graphics. That’s pretty much it. However, I am the author of the InDesign Visual Quick Start Guide and I’m actually the only non-Adobe person to have written a book on every version of InDesign.

DD: Wow!

SC: So that’s who I am and you can always find me on

Q2ID can convert Quark to InDesign content. You can buy Markzware’s Adobe InDesign plugin via the Q2ID page. See more data conversion software on the Markzware Products page.

Sandee Cohen: Q2ID did a better job than me and I do InDesign

Title: Sandee Cohen: Q2ID did a better job than me and I do InDesign
Published on: November 20, 2008
David Dilling

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