Stop-Motion Quark to InDesign Animation Demonstration

This is a cool stop-motion animation, following up on the FlightCheck vs Stickman video we did earlier:

Stop-Motion Quark to InDesign Animation Demonstration

Created on a Mac with a digital video camera.
Used Adobe Photoshop, Flash, iMovie and a host of other utilities and work-arounds.

This is a stop-motion animation made by an intern at the Markzware Europe office in The Netherlands. The intern is Chris Starrenburg from the Grafisch lyceum in Rotterdam. Mr Starrenburg is learning to become a graphic designer, or as they say in Dutch, “een grafisch vormgever”.

There were countless hours of drawing, cutting and pasting the interfaces of:

Q2ID v4 video demonstration of Markzware’s QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign plugin embedded within the artwork, Adobe Flash and the final video. The movie focuses on Q2IND (I mean Q2ID, of course) data conversion from Quark to InDesign (INDD). The Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Light spilling at the end was done with pleasure by Chris after weeks of planning, filming and taking still photographs!

This video demonstrates some of the creativity that can be achieved with data conversion software, Q2ID.  You can buy Markzware’s QuarkXPress to InDesign plugin for Mac and Win, via the Q2ID page. See more desktop publishing software (DTP solutions) on the Markzware Products page.

Stop-Motion Quark to InDesign Animation Demonstration

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