Quark and Adobe-Graphic Arts Industry Rivals

Quark, Adobe and Markzware are well-known in the graphic arts industry. Markzware is the inventor of Q2ID, the Adobe plugin to convert Quark to Adobe InDesign. In an article titled, “The Rivals” by Mark Tennent, Markzware’s position is highlighted as “the Switzerland” of the graphic arts industry:

Markzware, the go-between
Two other rivals, Quark and Adobe, are very unlikely to ever agree on a common document format which means keeping up with two industry standard packages, both costing many hundreds of pounds. There is a third way, by using the Markzware converters to import InDesign and QuarkXPress files into their respective alternatives.

Markzware has released a new version of their QuarkXPress to InDesign tool Q2ID v4 to take into account the latest upgrades of QuarkXPress 8 and InDesign CS4.

We have used the previous versions of the converters, getting InDesign CS files into XPress and vice versa, and they work surprisingly well. There are usually a few little wrinkles to sort out, especially as the new text engine in XPress 7 and 8 seems to make far nicer text than set by InDesign, meaning there will be some text reflowing to attend to. InDesign can also make wider pages than XPress, which foxed us with one book we had to convert.

On the whole, it is far quicker and easier to convert QuarkXPress or InDesign files and sort out the glitches, instead of remaking the documents from scratch. It’s also a lot cheaper than keeping both InDesign and QuarkXPress updated. Source

Q2ID can save time and money for those in the graphic arts industry who need to convert Quark to InDesign. Markzware’s QuarkXPress to InDesign plugin is available online at the Q2ID page.

Quark and Adobe, Graphic Arts Industry Rivals

Title: Quark and Adobe-Graphic Arts Industry Rivals
Published on: December 10, 2008
David Dilling

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