How to Update Adobe InDesign CS6 Plugins

Update Adobe InDesign CS6 plugins

Learn what InDesign plugins are and how to update InDesign CS6 plugins in this installation how-to for an InDesign plugin download from Markzware:

Today, were going to learn how to update Adobe InDesign CS6 plugins. What is an InDesign plugin? It is a software program developed by Adobe or by other software developers to add features to Adobe InDesign software. Most InDesign CS6 features are provided by InDesign plugins. Some importing, exporting, automation, and special-effects plugins are automatically installed in the Plug-Ins folder within the InDesign program.

In the Adobe InDesign Applications folder, there is an “Adobe InDesign CS6” folder. Inside the Adobe InDesign CS6 folder, there are several other folders, one of which is the “Plug-Ins” folder. You can click on that Plugins folder, the CS6 plugins folder, to see inside, where there are several sub-folders regarding plugins.

So, how do we get Adobe InDesign plugins? How do we add features and functions to Adobe InDesign without requesting help from Adobe? Markzware is a third-party software developer that publishes InDesign CS6 plugins. There are several InDesign plugins and other applications for Desktop Publishing (DTP), QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. available on the Markzware Products page.

How to Update Adobe InDesign CS6 Plugins

InDesign plugin download, Markzware Q2ID CS6, can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6

Markzware’s Q2ID CS6 plugin, to convert QuarkXPress to InDesign, is an outstanding example of an InDesign plugin download. Q2ID (QuarkXPress to InDesign plugin), can import QuarkXPress files into InDesign, and thus open QuarkXPress files within InDesign. So, this is a very handy CS6 plugin. When you buy Q2ID, you can install this InDesign plugin download and see this CS6 plugin in the Adobe InDesign CS6 plugins folder.

You can see the “.InDesignPlugin” extension that identifies this Adobe InDesign CS6 plugin as an Adobe CS6 plugin, as well as see different versions of InDesign plugins (for example, CS5.5 or CS4). We can add this InDesign plugin into our InDesign folder, under or within the Plugins, and then the “Filters” folder.

After using the third-party developer’s installer from Markzware to install the InDesign plugin download, we can go into “Filters” within the “Plugins” folder, and see several other plugins in there. You may notice that they have “.InDesignPlugin” for the extension. You may also see the Q2ID CS6 plugin from Markzware, since this installed InDesign plugin shows up within the Adobe InDesign CS6 application.

How to Update Adobe InDesign CS6 Plugins with InDesign Plugin Download:
Install Q2ID CS6

Markzware Q2ID - Installation Complete Install InDesign plugin download Q2ID CS6 to convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6

That is how you can update Adobe InDesign CS6 plugins. Basically, by simply installing or re-installing a version of that plugin.

So how does a plugin look inside of InDesign CS6? Within InDesign CS6, you can see updated InDesign CS6 plugins (where they are installed depends upon the software developer). InDesign CS6 plugins can be built-in to work in the background within InDesign. Markzware adds a “Markzware” menu item up top in the InDesign menu, so this updated InDesign CS6 plugin shows up right within Adobe InDesign.

It is quite a simple process. Just go into the developer’s, or to Adobe’s, web page and find the updated version of that plugin and generally do a fresh install, or re-install the product. Plugins are very useful and can markedly enhance Adobe InDesign. Q2ID provides excellent return on your data conversion investment, saving you time and money.

How to update Adobe InDesign CS6 plugins: Install or re-install the latest version of Q2ID or any of the Markzware InDesign CS6 plugins!

Title: How to Update Adobe InDesign CS6 Plugins
Published on: May 31, 2013
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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