How to convert QuarkXPress to Illustrator

How to convert QuarkXPress to Illustrator

Today, we’re going to learn how to convert QuarkXPress files, .qxd or .qxp files, into Adobe Illustrator, Quark to Illustrator, with just a couple clicks.

Step 1 - QuarkXPress to Illustrator How-to

Step 1

Download QXPMarkz.
If you don’t want to buy the full version, right away, there is a freebie version, which will allow you to preview how the conversion would roundabout look.

Step 2 - QuarkXPress to Illustrator How-to

Step 2

Do a File > Open in
QXPMarkz, or simply drag and drop the Quark file onto the QXPMarkz
icon. There, you get the preview we just discussed. Look at that! We even
convert old files from, like, 1999!

Step 3 - QuarkXPress to Illustrator How-to

Step 3

Click the “Open in
Illustrator button in the software – it’s that easy!

Video Tutorial: How to convert QuarkXPress to Illustrator

Convert QuarkXPress to Illustrator: QXPMarkz Tutorial Video How-To

(Click the image above, to watch the video.)

Your QuarkXPress file is now opening right up, in Adobe Illustrator.
You now have a totally new .ai, Adobe Illustrator, file, which was just in QuarkXPress. Your locked up legacy content, that is now freed up and available, for you to use, within Adobe Illustrator.

“There is still a big potential value in unstructured legacy data that is contained in old applications or files. As businesses become more and more data-driven, it is essential to reclaim the potential of your essential legacy data.”

That’s the tip for the day.
Free up those legacy QuarkXPress files!
QXPMarkz will transfer your documents, your QuarkXPress documents, into many other file formats. Check it out, today and I hope this has helped you.

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How to convert QuarkXPress to Illustrator, with this tutorial.

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