Preview QuarkXPress Documents: QXPMarkz macOS App to Preview QXP Files

You can preview QuarkXPress documents, using QXP file preview features in Markzware’s QXPMarkz app. This article and video help to explain how:

Markzware develops document preview, document preflight, and document conversion software for printing, publishing, and graphic design workflows. Markzware’s QXPMarkz application allows users to preview QuarkXPress files, as well as to export and open QuarkXPress content in numerous file formats on the macOS platform.

QXPMarkz can help you to quickly process QXP files on a Mac desktop. Watch the following video, for more information on Markzware’s handy stand-alone QuarkXPress document hub.

Video: QXPMarkz – Quark to Affinity Publisher and more – NEW PRODUCT

Markzware‘s QXPMarkz app previews QuarkXPress files and opens them in Affinity Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, and more. (The buttons on the File Preview page are pre-set automated workflows.) QXPMarkz also converts QuarkXPress files to PNG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, PDF, IDML, and JPEG, so you can get the content from a .qxp file into the most suitable format for your needs. 

How to Preview QuarkXPress Files, via QXPMarkz

Open a QuarkXPress file in QXPMarkz. A Preview window will appear, with these features:

1. The document title of the currently active document will be displayed at the top of the Preview window.

2. The Quark version in which the document was created is displayed to the right of the document title.

3. The Export button, Open In button, and Print button are displayed under the title.

• The Export options allow you to export and or open the currently previewed file in other applications in just a few clicks. 

• The Open In buttons allow you to open the currently previewed file in other applications with a single click.

• The Print button allows you to print a hard copy of your document.

4. The document title and Quark version in which it was created appear below the Export and Open In buttons. If you have Tabs enabled this area, QXPMarkz will show the names of all open documents in tabs. The currently active preview will be highlighted.

5. The document preview is displayed in the large Main Preview area on the left of the Preview window.

6. The Thumbnail Preview area is to the right of the Main preview. You can scroll through the thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail, to go directly to the preview of the page in the left hand main preview area.

7. The document dimensions are displayed under the Preview.

8. If your QuarkXPress document contains multiple layouts, you can switch layouts. Depending on whether your QuarkXPress file contains a single layout or multiple layouts, document information may appear at the bottom left of the Preview window.

9. You can adjust the size of the main preview, by using the magnification slider, at the bottom right of the Preview window. You can also adjust the zoom level, by using shortcut keys. To zoom in, use Command-Equal (=). To zoom out, use Command-Minus (-).

QXPMarkz Preview Window to view zoomable
QuarkXPress file previews & thumbnails

QXPMarkz Benefits

• quickly displays, exports and opens QuarkXPress files on macOS
• offers ease-of-use in one versatile, multi-purpose application
• saves money on manual QXP document conversion and processing

“…QXPMarkz. The technology involved is quite advanced and is also “modernized”. Not only can the user now get an even better conversion…, they also can see a Preview of the document, save the preview to a PDF or TIFF if they want, not to mention the fact that the IDML [created] can be opened in Affinity Publisher!”
– Ron Crandall, Chief Engineer

QXPMarkz Features Include:

• Open QuarkXPress files in Affinity Publisher, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, and more
• Open InDesign files in Acrobat and Annotate the PDF
• Preview QuarkXPress files & export .qxp files as IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF

To Buy QXPMarkz

You can use automation features to open QuarkXPress in a selected application or file format, today! Buy Markzware’s low-cost QXPMarkz Mac Subscription (including QXPMarkz updates throughout your 12-month subscription term), available via the QXPMarkz page.

Markzware Buy Now button red

Additional Markzware products are available via the Products page. Please feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, to get the latest Markzware product news, discounts, and more.

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Preview QuarkXPress Documents: QXPMarkz macOS App to Preview QXP Files

Title: Preview QuarkXPress Documents: QXPMarkz macOS App to Preview QXP Files
Published on: June 9, 2020
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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