QuarkXPress to PDF: Export QXP macOS, Open in Adobe Acrobat & Annotate

You can export QuarkXPress to PDF and open QuarkXPress .qxp files in Adobe Acrobat DC and annotate, using Markzware’s QXPMarkz® macOS app. Learn how, by viewing the steps, graphics, and video, in this article:

Open QuarkXPress in Other Formats

Many graphic design workflows have QuarkXPress files in their systems, but cannot open those files. The QXPMarkz application allows you to view those files and move the content to another editing application.

Markzware develops preview, preflight, and file conversion software for printers, publishers, graphic designers, and other such industry-related professionals. Markzware’s QXPMarkz is a multi-featured application that processes QuarkXPress files for use in numerous file formats on the macOS platform. Find out more details about QXPMarkz, by watching this video:

Video: QXPMarkz – Quark to Affinity Publisher and more

Make use of your QuarkXPress documents with QXPMarkz, Markzware’s new application to preview and convert QXP documents! QXPMarkz enables users to convert QuarkXPress 2020 through QuarkXPress 3 to many other file formats! These formats include Affinity Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, PNG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, PDF, IDML, JPEG, and many other formats.

Export QuarkXPress to PDF

Export QuarkXPress as PDF Pages, Spreads, Files, with Transparent Background, via Markzware QXPMarkz
Export QuarkXPress to PDF, via QXPMarkz, Markzware’s stand-alone app to process QuarkXPress files. You can also export QuarkXPress files to other file types, including IDML, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Clicking on the “Export” icon reveals all of the file formats that can be manually exported by QXPMarkz. These icons enable basic workflows that can be set up and reused for the export of a specific file type.


1. All: Exports all pages in the document.

2. From X to X: Allows you to select a continuous range of pages to export.

3. As Pages or Spreads

3A. Pages: will export each page in the document as a separate page (with no spreads).

3B. Spreads: will export the pages as Spreads.

4. Separate Files: If checked in QXPMarkz, each page will export as a separate PDF. If Spreads are selected, then each spread will be a separate file.

5. Transparent Background: Solid White background areas are exported as transparent. Note: Gradients are not supported for this feature, only solid white areas, which are typically the background of the page. (For example, black text on a white page, exported with a transparent background, would export the white page background as transparent.)

Post Export

6. Open In: Selecting the “Open In” checkbox allows you to select which application will handle the exported PDF file.

7. System Default Application: This is the default application that your macOS system uses to handle PDF files. On macOS systems, this is typically either Apple’s Preview application or Adobe Acrobat.

Export QuarkXPress as PDF Pages, Spreads, Files, with Transparent Background, via Markzware QXPMarkz
Export QuarkXPress as PDF Pages, Spreads, Files, via Markzware QXPMarkz,
which gives you options for handling the PDF, when you export QuarkXPress to PDF

8. Specific Application Path: Selecting this radio button will enable the selection area.

9. Selection area: Click in the selection area, to bring up a standard macOS Finder window, allowing you to navigate to the application you wish to use, to handle the exported PDF file. The application you select must be able to handle the PDF; otherwise, it will display some form of error message. Some applications you might select include Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, or Apple’s Preview application.

10. Suppress dialogs when possible: When this box is selected, warning and error dialogs in applications the PDF is sent to are suppressed, if possible. These dialogs would typically be about missing fonts or missing images.

When opening files in other applications, alert dialogs may pop up, requiring you to click on something, in order to continue. This can cause unwanted interference or halt in a workflow.

11. Show in Finder: If this box is checked, when the “Export as PDF” action is completed, your file will be revealed in a Standard macOS Finder window. Unless you need to interact with the file immediately after export in the macOS Finder, this box should be left unchecked. Leaving the box unchecked will also speed up the export process as a Finder window will not need to be called and displayed.

12. Close Document: If this box is checked, your file will be closed in QXPMarkz, after the PDF file has been exported. By default, this box is left unchecked and your file remains open in QXPMarkz, until you manually decide to close the file.

13. Cancel Button: Clicking the Cancel button will cancel the PDF export action and close the “PDF Export” panel. This will take you back to the main File View Window in QXPMarkz.

14. Export Button: Clicking the Export button will export a PDF of the currently active file using the settings you have selected in this “Export PDF” panel. When you click on “Export,” this will also bring up a standard macOS Finder window, asking where you would like to Save your PDF file.

Open QuarkXPress in Acrobat

QuarkXPress Logo
QuarkXPress by Quark
Adobe Acrobat
Acrobat Pro DC by Adobe

“… I’m not in Affinity Publisher, yet, but I noticed, at the top [of QXPMarkz], that I could do both InDesign and Illustrator and there’s an Acrobat, isn’t there? Yeah, so, that’s really cool. So, if I didn’t have any of these InDesign that I needed, and I just simply needed to send a PDF, to somebody, to say, ‘Hey, is this the file that you’re looking for?’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s perfect that I could just export [QuarkXPress], as a PDF, and not have to worry about it.’ So, yeah. It really is pretty neat. And that’s what’s kind of cool, to be able to figure out which document I needed, and if I needed to go through the conversion and, you know, for those people who don’t even have InDesign, you can still use it, you know.”
— Laurie Ruhlin, DTP expert and CreativePro Speaker
Source: https://youtu.be/pokUUl9Ec-s

Open QuarkXPress in Adobe Acrobat DC, Edit PDF Text & Annotate, Using Markzware QXPMarkz
Markzware QXPMarkz enables you to open .QXP files in another application, such as Adobe Acrobat!

The Open in Acrobat feature of QXPMarkz will create a PDF and then attempt to open it in Adobe Acrobat. The text in this PDF should then be editable (unless the text was converted to outlines or placed as a bitmap or rasterized image of text, in QuarkXPress).

Auto Open QuarkXPress in Acrobat, to Annotate

Automate QuarkXPress document processing, by setting
Automation Preferences in Markzware‘s QXPMarkz application

You can even use Automation Preferences in QXPMarkz, so that the PDF generated from your QuarkXPress files will be automatically opened in Adobe Acrobat

• In the “Automation” preferences of QXPMarkz, click the “Automation” icon. 

• Under “On Document Open: Export,” check “PDF” as an “Export” option. You then have the option to Open that PDF in applications (such as Adobe Acrobat DC) that support PDF.

• In the “On Export” section, check the “Always open PDF in” checkbox. 

• Select the application in which you want to open the PDF. If you select Adobe Acrobat DC, you can then annotate the PDF. Note: Remember how you last set the Preferences, the next time you use QXPMarkz.

“But you can also export to PDF, for use in Acrobat, and to many different image file formats. Very handy for marketing! … Check out QXPMarkz, and all the other Markzware products, over on markzware.com, today.”
— David D., QXPMarkz reviewer

QXPMarkz Benefits include:

• quickly processes QuarkXPress files on a Mac
• offers ease-of-use in a versatile, multi-purpose app
• saves money on QuarkXPress subscriptions

QXPMarkz Features include:

• Open QuarkXPress files in Affinity Publisher, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, …
• Open InDesign files in Acrobat and Annotate the PDF
• Preview QuarkXPress files & export .qxp files as IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF

How to Get QXPMarkz

You can use automation features to open QuarkXPress in a selected application or file format, today! Buy Markzware’s low-cost QXPMarkz Mac Subscription (including updates throughout your 12-month subscription term), available via the QXPMarkz page.

Markzware Buy Now button green shadow

Additional Markzware products are available via the Products page. Please feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, to get the latest Markzware product news, discounts, and more.

Do you use QuarkXPress? Do you create PDF files? Have you exported QuarkXPress as PDF and edited text or used Annotation to add comments? Tell us how that went for you, by posting with Markzware on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and other websites.

QuarkXPress to PDF: Export QXP macOS, Open in Adobe Acrobat & Annotate

Title: QuarkXPress to PDF: Export QXP macOS, Open in Adobe Acrobat & Annotate
Published on: July 13, 2020
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