QXPMarkz Review – Quark to InDesign

A new QXPMarkz user review from InDesign expert and Adobe Certified Trainer, Laurie Ruhlin! Laurie has a rich Desktop Publishing (DTP) background. She even taught an InDesign for QuarkXPress Users class, back in the day! We “met” Laurie again at the recent CreativePro Week online conference, in early June. She approached us to see if we could help out with a recent batch of QuarkXPress files she received. Laurie needed these .QXP files in Adobe InDesign or at least access to the stylised text…

What do you do, when you find an old batch of Quark files? QXPMarkz!

Laurie converted the Quark layouts to InDesign with QXPMarkz. Watch her QXPMarkz review in this video

QXPMarkz user review Contents:


If you need QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher or QuarkXPress to InDesign, check out QXPMarkz, here, today! You also can convert your legacy Quark files to these other DTP applications, but more. For instance, Quark to PDF, Quark to IDML or Quark to Adobe Illustrator and much more.

Just have to say, I really love Laurie’s quote on her website,

“Teaching makes me a better designer, and designing makes me a better teacher.”

~ Laurie Ruhlin

QXPMarkz – what about Q2ID?

Many may be asking, if you didn’t watch the video at the 4:13 mark, what about Q2ID (Quark to InDesign plugin)? Q2ID will be gradually phased out, but still available for months ahead here and likely years… QXPMarkz offers the same or better even conversion to InDesign. QXPMarkz goes further though, offering many QuarkXPress conversion possibilities and is a stand-alone application, making it easy-to-use for anyone.

QXPMarkz is the NEW Q2ID!
QXPmarkz QuarkXPress conversion options and features
QXPMarkz offers broad conversion features for Quark files…

QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign with QXPMarkz, a customer review from Laurie Ruhlin!

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