PasteBoard XT XPress 8, XTerminator and the PasteBoard XTension

Background on Pasteboard XT XPress 8, XTerminator and Pasteboard XTension:
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Many of you QuarkXPress (QXD / QXP) users out there may have heard of our PasteBoard XT. This Quark XTension, one of the longest existing, changes the width and height of the QuarkXPress pasteboard. It allows one to adjust value and percentage, giving a wider range of options than those within the QuarkXPress application. Pasteboard was developed for Mac in Quark 7 or Quark 8.
Markzware Pasteboard XT banner: Quark XTension to Extend Working Space in QuarkXPress
In the past (as in QuarkXPress v3.33), a version of Pasteboard XTension was required to work with the document. (Ask some of us long-time users about this!) We, of course, adjusted that. However, you may find the need for our free XTerminator Quark XT, now called the Kill PasteBoard XT, which will remove the requirement of needing Pasteboard, for really old legacy files you may come across.

PasteBoard XT XPress 8, XTerminator and the PasteBoard XTension

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