Social Media for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, social media can be key, not only for getting business, but for keeping it. Markzware‘s social media channels are highly recommended for you to follow. Social media in graphic arts is also about learning and, well, being social. We love to engage and to learn together!

Markzware on Social Media
Social media for graphic designers or anyone in graphic arts!

We share and create content for topics such as, “fixing corrupt InDesign files“, “InDesign to Affinity Publisher” (That’s a hot one!) “Quark to InDesign” (still going strong) and “Can I edit a PDF in InDesign” just to name a few.

Markzware’s social media accounts include, of course, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our YouTube channel is also very popular. Actually, on Facebook we have several channels, which we will cover in a moment. First, a list of the main social media channels for graphic designers, publishers, and printers, alike:

As mentioned above, Markzware has, on Facebook, not only a company page, but also a group page. In addition, we have several product pages, including a page about our new IDMarkz InDesign tool, on which your likes would be appreciated:

So, whether you’re a graphic designer, DTP publisher, prepress printer, or other type of professional in a graphic arts field, we would love to connect with you, on social media!

Social Media for Graphic Designers!

Graphic designers and anyone in graphic arts, come follow Markzware, today! We look forward to socializing with you, including via virtual media!

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