Markzware File Recovery Fixed InDesign Document to Open InDesign

Fixing InDesign Documents! An InDesign error code about corrupt InDesign appeared to this Graphic Designer and Adobe Creative Suite InDesign CS user. In this video, he shares with us about fixing his bad InDesign document. Full transcript is below on how graphic designers can fix corrupt InDesign (INDD) files with Markzware File Recovery, which supports InDesign CS6:

How to Recover a Damaged InDesign File and Open InDesign

How to go about fixing an InDesign document that resulted in an
error code about corrupt InDesign

Hello fellow graphic designers and graphic artists. I’m sure you have all had this at least once. Working on an InDesign document and something happens, a system crash. You reboot the computer, you launch the application (in this case Adobe InDesign) you were working. Now in this case you want to go and open the InDesign project you were working on, go ahead and select it, sit patiently and watch the Mac beach ball spin around and uh-oh, InDesign gives an error message, “Cannot open xxxx.indd.”

Recover InDesign CS to Open InDesign
Markzware File Recovery Recover InDesign from Error Code 5 Use Markzware File Recovery to recover InDesign from error codes in Adobe Creative Suite INDD

Well, what do you do? This is obviously a damaged Adobe InDesign document, which InDesign cannot re-open. I found a solution for fixing bad InDesign files, which helped me out tremendously. It is pretty simple to use, it is a service and all you need to do is go to Markzware‘s web site.

There if you go to Support, Product Troubleshooting, Bad File Recovery, this will bring up a page where you can pay the small in-take fee of 19 dollars and which will then bring you to the InDesign File Recovery Form. Markzware will ask you for some details, some customer information and technical information on the document and then what you want to do is down at the bottom is select your bad or damaged  InDesign document and go ahead and hit Choose and then upload it to the Markzware File Recovery Service for InDesign.

Within a couple hours, I received a document back which was my repaired InDesign file and one which my InDesign application could open. So let me go ahead and show you that on my Mac. First I am going to show you the InDesign document after I did post repair corrections and some of the things and this is just a couple pages from the entire InDesign document. And here is the fixed InDesign document which was returned from Markzware.

You will see some of the differences. For instance, the graphics have white boxes. Well that was a simple fix. That was just going in and re-linking to the original graphic (select update all and all graphics or images will re-link as a side-note). Second thing I noticed with the recovered InDesign document is that all of the elements were shifted up a bit and again I was able to simply grab everything and move them back into their original position in the layout. Something else I noticed after examining the repaired InDesign document is that graphics were I applied effects, like a gradient feather and even a frame where I had applied a graphic feather, those were lost. No big deal, go back in to InDesign and if you have an Object Syle, just re-apply that.

Same thing holds true with the text. All of my text was there, which was great. I did not have to have to re-set this. A lot of InDesign projects this is a wide variety of the tasks a graphic designer is doing; setting type, placing graphics, outlining photos or whatever, this was one of those where I had to set all of these many blobs of type. God forbid, I did not want to have to re-set all of this type. Now, I was able to work with this text. Some of the styles I was able to simply select and then override. This was once again something which was an easy fix. I also had to adjust the alignment on this block of text., which get’s back into business with that particular style. This other style, was a matter of going into the Paragraph Style Options window within InDesign and as you can see, this was originally stylized with black. The black was stylized still in the fixed file from Markzware, but the particular font family was not. No big deal, just go in and select your Myriad Pro and viola.

The character style I had selected for the price and the dollar sign, for the cents and for the actual dollar value in this graphic design. Those all came back in the fixed InDesign document.

Although these fixes had to be applied to the fixed InDesign document from Markzware, it still saved me a lot of time by just going in and selecting and doing some of those little tweaks on the document I just showed you. As you can see, the original document was pretty much visually intact with how the fixed InDesign document back from Markzware ended up.

Again, this was a nice easy to use solution and service from Markzware to upload your damaged InDesign document and in this case getting something back which just took me a couple of hours to touch-up and I was able to meet my design deadline and get a finished document to be approved by my customer. So that is it, an easy solution for fixing InDesign documents from Markzware.

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Title: Markzware File Recovery Fixed InDesign Document to Open InDesign
Published on: September 24, 2012
David Dilling

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