How To Open Adobe InDesign in
Acrobat And Annotate PDF Files, Today!
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IDMarkz replaces the ID2Q QuarkXPress XTension, MarkzTools, & ID Util.

Markzware’s stand-alone application, IDMarkz, has a feature that will Open your InDesign document in Acrobat, allowing you to create Annotations.

This is a great functionality, assisting in collaboration, because comments can be shared between different versions of InDesign. That’s because, when Older InDesign files (i.e., CS6) are opened in Acrobat, you can now annotate that PDF, created with IDMarkz.

Furthermore, when opening the PDF in a later version of InDesign (i.e. CC InDesign 2019), simply select ‘Import PDF Comments’ for the annotations to be opened. To save back those annotations, simply use the IDMarkz IDML export feature, to bring those comments, as in this example, back into CS6.

You Can Now Add Annotations
to Your PDFs in Adobe Acrobat!

Markzware has set up this feature, in just a few short steps, to demonstrate how this could be done, with IDMarkz:

Step 1.
Open an InDesign CS6 file, in IDMarkz.

Step 2.
Click on the Open in Acrobat icon. IDMarkz generates a “special” PDF and opens it in Acrobat DC.

Step 3.
Add annotations to the PDF.

Step 4.
Save the PDF, with the annotations, out of Acrobat DC.

Step 5.
Open the InDesign CS6 file, in InDesign CC 2020.

Step 6.
Select ‘Import PDF Comments’ from the PDF you just annotated in Acrobat DC into InDesign CC 2020. You now have an InDesign CC 2020 file that has InDesign CS6 PDF comments associated with it.

Important Notes: If you require your original InDesign file to remain CS6 compatible, you should make a duplicate copy of it, before opening it up in Adobe CC 2020. In the event you accidentally Save over your original InDesign CS6 file while working in InDesign 2020, you can then use IDMarkz to create an IDML file from the CC 2020 version of your InDesign file and open that IDML back-up in CS6.

Purchasing And Availability

IDMarkz is now available as a
Subscription for only $109, or as a
Perpetual version for $179

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How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in Acrobat & Annotate PDFs: IDMarkz
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Video: IDMarkz Open In Acrobat and Annotate

Open in Acrobat and Annotate

The IDMarkz Open In Acrobat and Annotate features are demonstrated, in this video. Open in Adobe Acrobat, Annotate PDF comments, and import into Adobe InDesign. IDMarkz users can create importable PDF comments for older InDesign files, by using the “Open In – Acrobat” and “Annotate” features.

How to Open Adobe InDesign Files in Acrobat & Annotate PDFs: IDMarkz

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