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IDMarkz replaces the ID2Q QuarkXPress XTension, MarkzTools, and ID Util.

Markzware’s application, IDMarkz is a “Stand-alone Hub” for InDesign files that includes a great “Preview” feature for viewing Adobe InDesign documents (.indd files).

In this example, we show the standard method of viewing files. We then compare it with Markzware’s method, which goes far beyond and into more detail than does the standard method.

In this example, which uses the standard default method, we show three InDesign files. By tapping the spacebar, we simply get the generic InDesign icon, which is very disappointing and not very useful, when we are trying to preview the file.

Conversely, IDMarkz generates a detailed and useful preview! What’s more, Markzware’s technology doesn’t rely on the bitmap previews that are saved in Adobe InDesign files.

It allows you to zoom in, to see all of the file details of the document. When “Facing Pages” is turned on, you can zoom out to see the spread view. IDMarkz even includes a handy “Inspector Panel,” giving the user an inventory of what is happening in the document(s).

You Get High-Quality Previews And Can Even Zoom In!

In our second example, you will notice the document title includes the words, “4Pager,” and, on the surface, one would believe there are 4 pages. However, by letting IDMarkz analyze the document, you will quickly learn there is not only a fifth page, but three spreads!

Our final example is an InDesign CS6 document. Once again, by using the IDMarkz “zoom-in” feature, you will quickly ascertain that there are different fonts and the images are very crisp. Using IDMarkz provides a high-quality preview, compared to the InDesign file’s bitmap preview. That’s why we call it the “Stand-alone Hub” for your InDesign files, allowing you to be even more creative!

Edit InDesign Files In Affinity Publisher & QuarkXPress, Today: Markzware IDMarkz

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Preview Adobe InDesign Files for Printing & Publishing. IDMarkz Preview feature is explained, in this video demonstration on how to preview Adobe InDesign documents (.indd files). Markzware provides a quick overview of IDMarkz, which generates its own previews of InDesign files.

Preview Adobe InDesign Files for Printing and Publishing: IDMarkz

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