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Windows Application To Convert Adobe InDesign Files

IDMarkz SE replaces the ID2Q QuarkXPress XTension for Windows. Markzware’s IDMarkz SE For Windows is a Streamlined Edition of IDMarkz, Markzware’s stand-alone InDesign to IDML converter for macOS. IDMarkz SE has a simple interface and does not include the Preview and File Info features, as does the Macintosh version.

IDMarkz SE helps to democratize content, by allowing you to convert InDesign files to IDML and to open the IDML in many desktop publishing programs that support the handling of IDML files. 

A few of the applications that handle IDML include Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress 2018 and later, and Affinity Publisher 1.8 and later. Thus, IDMarkz SE can act as an Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress converter or as an InDesign to Affinity Publisher converter.

IDMarkz SE also allows you to open newer InDesign files in older versions of InDesign, if you have InDesign CS4 or later loaded on your computer. This alone is an amazing functionality, essentially making Adobe InDesign “backwards-compatible.”

IDMarkz SE has a simple interface that allows you to either drag InDesign files onto the main window and convert them to IDML, or use Control-O to bring up an “Open File” dialog, allowing you to select the InDesign file that you wish to convert.

When you first open IDMarkz SE, the user interface allows you to Save the newly created IDML file. You can Save it at the same level of the document, into the document’s ‘IDMarkz’ folder, or you can also click and browse to a custom folder.

In this simple example, we selected the “Browse” button and, then, selected a folder on the desktop, called “XYZ.” So, whenever we convert a file, it will show up in the “XYZ” folder.

Markzware customer, Herbert Kellner, shares his experience, “While working on the manual for the Job Contender, we found out we could no longer open some older, important InDesign files. Because of a very tight budget, we moved away from Adobe software to more affordable apps. A graphic designer pointed us in the right direction. His recommendation was Markzware, a leading software publisher.”

Now, You Can Convert And Edit
Adobe InDesign Files on Windows!

Whenever there are missing images, selections can be made in IDMarkz SE, to enable a lo-res preview to be created. By making simple selections in IDMarkz SE, a user can switch the app in which a file can open. For example, a user can designate Affinity Publisher and drag the InDesign file onto the user interface. IDMarkz SE will open the file in Affinity Publisher. It’s a good idea to save this .afpub file, at this point. Then, the user can save and archive the file, for future use and editing in Affinity Publisher.

Likewise, you can select another app in which IDMarkz SE can open the IDML. Then, you can take another InDesign file and drop it on the IDMarkz SE interface. This opens the document in QuarkXPress, as a fully editable file. It’s important to note that, in this case, that you do not need the Adobe InDesign application loaded, for IDMarkz SE to convert the InDesign document to QuarkXPress.

IDMarkz SE is a simple utility for converting Adobe InDesign files into IDML and, then, feeding those IDML files into a myriad of desktop publishing applications that can support IDML. Markzware has built-in functionality to support InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Affinity Publisher; however, there could be other IDML-compatible desktop applications that you might consider.

Purchasing And Availability

IDMarkz SE for Windows is now available as a
Subscription for only $109, or as a
Perpetual version for $179

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Convert InDesign Files to Many Formats on Windows: IDMarkz SE Overview
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Video: IDMarkz SE For Windows – Quick Overview

Convert InDesign Files to Many Formats on Windows: IDMarkz SE Overview

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)
IDMarkz SE for Windows quick overview is provided in this video. Markzware’s IDMarkz SE
is an easy-to-use Adobe InDesign to IDML conversion tool. This application creates an IDML file
and allows you to auto-open the created IDML in other applications loaded on your computer.

Convert InDesign Files to Many Formats on Windows: IDMarkz SE Overview

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