Open InDesign .INDD Documents with DTP File Recovery Service

Open InDesign .INDD documents, or perhaps corrupted InDesign documents, with Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service:

Markzware brings state-of-the-art solutions and services to Adobe InDesign users. Markzware’s service for file recovery of content from corrupt InDesign files can help you to restore your data.

Let the DTP File Recovery Service rescue your Adobe InDesign CS (Creative Suite) and InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) documents for you. Learn more about the capabilities of Markzware’s service, by watching this video on how to recover InDesign files and access the data in your INDD documents:

Open InDesign .INDD Documents with DTP File Recovery Service

Markzware uses innovative technologies to assist customers in recovering documents in the Adobe InDesign file format.

Benefits of the DTP File Recovery Service:
• save money on costs required by manual and other file recovery methods.
• receive analysis status updates and notification of recovery completion.
• use your backup copy as “insurance” against future corruption of the original document.
• save time, rather than struggling for hours to open the file.

A number of factors could harm your layout file to the point that it becomes a corrupt file. Attempting a manual recovery of your .indd file can be frustrating. Let Markzware help!

How to Use the DTP File Recovery Service to
Open InDesign .INDD Documents:

1. Pay the non-refundable File Analysis Fee. (See the DTP File Recovery Service page.)
2. If the service recovers 50% or more of the document, additional payment is due.
After paying, you will receive a link to our “bad file” submission form.
3. Compress the bad InDesign file and submit it (without fonts or images), with the form.
(To begin the submission process, click the “Start the File Analysis” button on the DTP File Recovery Service page.)

Error Messages May Say You Cannot
Open InDesign .INDD Documents:

Adobe InDesign Error "Cannot open"Markzware has access to several types of recovery software, conversion tools, and other options to help solve your file issue. The technicians who perform the service are quite proficient in the understanding and use of many file recovery solutions.

Markzware may be able to help you with several versions of InDesign, QuarkXPress, and certain other popular file types that become “inaccessible”. This means that you might be able to reclaim your content from files in INDD, QXP, etc., whether or not you thought it was possible for a specific version.

Some versions of InDesign files that the DTP File Recovery Service can recover include:
• InDesign CC 2015
• InDesign CC
• InDesign CS6
• InDesign CS5.5
• InDesign CS5
• and more

If an issue with your document, computer, or server prevents you from opening your INDD file, there is still hope. Contact Markzware via, if you see one of the following error messages on your Desktop:
• Error code 4
• Error code 5
• Error code 6
• Database error
• Cannot open file
• An unknown error has occurred
• and other error messages
support-file-recoveryOrder DTP File Recovery Service
You can use Markzware‘s DTP File Recovery Service to fix InDesign files and QuarkXPress files. The service allows you to recover these documents, at low cost. You can request service, via the DTP File Recovery Service page. For more desktop publishing solutions. please visit the Markzware Products page.

The technicians who handle Markzware’s file recovery service often work late. Unless it is outside of business hours, you should receive a response within an hour or so after you submit the form. You only pay the Fixed File Fee when recovery is successful.

You can read about Markzware’s File Recovery success stories from other InDesign users. If you have questions about Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service, please contact Markzware today, by emailing

How did file recovery by Markzware help to open InDesign .INDD documents for you? Please comment below. You can also subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List and join Markzware in socializing on
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Open InDesign .INDD Documents with DTP File Recovery Service

Title: Open InDesign .INDD Documents with DTP File Recovery Service
Published on: March 24, 2016
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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