Recover a damaged InDesign document. Tips and Tricks

Recover a damaged InDesign document.
Tips and Tricks

A damaged InDesign, corrupt InDesign, or a large INDD document that will not open is truly a bummer. If you can’t open an indd file, you should first try the basics, like making sure your general operating system is running fine (no damaged InDesign fonts or other issues; on a Mac try Cocktail for general system maintenance) and checking the InDesign application itself.

For a damaged InDesign preferences set, try restarting (or starting up) InDesign with the cmd+alt+ctrl+shift keys held down – (tip via @rufusd). What if the problem with the corrupt Adobe file is something bigger and badder?

Open InDesign Documents: service to
recover a damaged InDesign document

Markzware, the developers of Adobe CS4 plug ins, such as Q2ID Quark to InDesign, FlightCheck and the new content search tool for InDesign, PageZephyr,  has a “no fix, no pay” service to recover InDesign files. This method of repair has a high success rate (recovering 80% of files that may have been lost). It costs only 99 USD/EUR and you can email for more details and the location on where you can submit your bad InDesign file.

Bad InDesign files sometimes lead to seemingly bigger problems, like your Adobe CS4 application not starting anymore! Do not fret, that is generally easy to fix… You can open InDesign files that crash and fix InDesign files that are damaged. See this Adobe tech note on how to remove the remnants of the bad file from the InDesign file recovery folder on your system (Mac or Win):

InDesign CS3/CS4 crashes upon launch while attempting to recover a damaged document

Here is another Indy (British slang for InDesign) tip:

InDesign Defaults is the trouble-maker…
“In a nut-shell, the way to fix this is simple. It is as easy as going into your home folder (the account your logged into- “User” on your Mac), then the “Library” folder and then the “Preferences” folder and then into the “Adobe InDesign” folder. There you will see this pref file named, “InDesign Defaults“, simply delete that, re-start InDesign and it should start up for you again!”

Video: Adobe InDesign Crashing- Help!

Copy and Paste Issues from Text to Word Can Cause InDesign Problems

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)

Cannot Open InDesign, always crashing: What can I do?

Markzware has vast experience with desktop publishing (DTP) file formats, such as Adobe CS4. We may help by using a CS4 plugin and can also fix QuarkXPress files with MarkzTools. If you encounter a damaged InDesign CS document, try the Markzware InDesign file recovery service to recover damaged Adobe CS4 InDesign files (or CS5 or CS3), so you can finish the job.

Recover a damaged InDesign document. Tips and Tricks

Title: Recover a damaged InDesign document. Tips and Tricks
Published on: January 27, 2010
David Dilling

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