Your Newspaper and InDesign Software Costs

Your Newspaper and
InDesign Software Costs

Adobe InDesign and, more inclusively, Adobe Creative Cloud, has a reasonable price for professional Desktop Publishers, layout artists or graphic designers within newspaper publishing workflows. However, if you add up all of the work-stations for, not only the DTP Department, but also Editorial and Management, your costs can quickly become a small investment.

Then, you have independent software developers, such as us, here at Markzware, who try to pitch you on IDMarkz to Preview, Convert and Protect your InDesign layouts. It’s a small price to pay, at $99 per License, but offers an incredible features, beyond the data sheet. It can also generally fix corrupt and non-opening InDesign files. (Yes, InDesign File Recovery!) But I’m jumping ahead. Back to software costs:

Future of your newspaper with Kevin Slimp on software for DTP like IDMarkz for InDesign and more!

Kevin Slimp will save your newspaper money.

Kevin Slimp, the news guru, whom we had the honor of interviewing, a few months back, wrote a recent article titled, “How Much is Too Much?” The byline (or subhead as the newspaper folks call it) was, “Let’s talk about investing in the future of your newspaper” which also dove into software, subscriptions and, eventually, Markzware IDMarkz! Kevin did a great job of highlighting real-life examples of how investing in software, whether InDesign, IDMarkz, or a new accounting system, seems expensive, but often carries a huge ROI (Return On Investment). He had some sound advice.

My response worried the designer. “Walk into your publisher’s office,” I told her, “and remind her that I know what kind of car she drives.”
Kevin Slimp

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or, perhaps, in the case Kevin highlighted above, “Penny wise, pound foolish.” Markzware has been in the business of protecting, preflighting, and recovering DTP files, since the QuarkXPress days (and we convert Quark to InDesign, as well). The small price of the IDMarkz InDesign converter offers you peace of mind and helps to insure the rest of your investment, potentially an entire edition of your newspaper!

My friend, Reed Anfinson, publisher in Minnesota, called in a bind last week. His paper wasn’t going to press on time due to a technical error with the InDesign newspaper file. I asked him to send the file to me, I fixed it, then sent the new file back to him. Reed called again yesterday with the same problem, so I took the time to tell him how I repaired the file… In my research, I learned that IDMarkz does a great job of fixing corrupt InDesign files. That’s how I fixed Reed’s problem file. Now you know what Reed knows. If you use InDesign, go ahead and purchase IDMarkz.
Kevin Slimp

IDMarkz - InDesign File Fixer Slimp

“How Much is Too Much?” By Kevin Slimp
(advice on investing in your newspaper’s future)

PRO TIP – Management, Advertising Executives and Support people in your newspaper workflow no longer need proprietary Adobe InDesign software to view .indd layouts. Markzware IDMarkz also provides a full, natively-generated Preview of the InDesign document. It’s like Acrobat for your InDesign files!

••• ••• •••

IDMarkz can be a real eye-opener for newspaper workflows, as Kevin Slimp, a true industry veteran himself, noted:

Since I’ve downloaded IDMarkz, I’ve used it just about everyday for something to do with InDesign files. Something comes up and that is handy.

If you want to protect your DTP workflow and InDesign investment, get IDMarkz, today. It’s a small price to pay, for peace of mind and investing in the future of your newspaper.

Video: IDMarkz Recommendation for InDesign utility – user review

Future of your newspaper with Kevin Slimp on DTP software like Markzware IDMarkz for InDesign & more!

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)
Newspaper guru, Kevin Slimp, says, “It (IDMarkz) works just great. … Since I’ve downloaded IDMarkz, I’ve used it, just about everyday, for something to do with InDesign files. Something comes up, and that is handy.”

Your Newspaper and InDesign Software Costs (Protect your investment, with IDMarkz!)

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