Acrobat 9 Preflight

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Preflight Adobe Acrobat 9 with FlightCheck, the patented preflighting software to check documents for potential printing problems before document output. Acrobat 9 has a variety of features and functions built-in, including Flash and several online options, such as Buzzword and Connect, and preflighting is an important step in the Acrobat 9 prepress workflow. FlightCheck can preflight Acrobat 9 documents to catch possible errors before printing.

“Greatly Expanded Preflighting: Acrobat has had decent preflighting capabilities for a while, but in version 9 they’re re-designed with a simpler interface and easier way to make corrections automatically. This is done primarily through a list of common file problems printers would encounter, and then Acrobat applies the logical fixes (often with several choices). For example, you can choose between details such as “convert color to Japan Color Coated 2001 (convert spot colors to CMYK)” and “convert color to Japan Color Coated 2001 (keep spot colors).”
Acrobat 9 takes preflight to a new level and provides a slew of pre-selected actions based on common prepress file problems. In most cases you can not only identify the problems, but also have Acrobat automatically fix them as they’re discovered. You can also select various elements and create new layers, which can then be modified individually.
You can also review any preflighting problems one-by-one and make appropriate fixes manually.” Source

Most prepress professionals who use Acrobat 9 know how vital preflighting is to ensure successful print quality control. Have Acrobat 9 and the Adobe Acrobat 9 pro upgrade? Remember to preflight Adobe Acrobat 9 with FlightCheck for thorough print quality assurance.

Acrobat 9 Preflight

Title: Acrobat 9 Preflight
Published on: June 2, 2008
David Dilling

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