Adobe drops Print Service Provider Program A Quark opportunity?

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Was reading this article about Adobe‘s print program to aide printers, titled, “Adobe Discontinues worldwide Adobe Partner Connection Print Service Provider Program.”

Adobe Partner Connection Print Service Provider Program

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One printer commented that they were aiding Adobe, by helping customers use print software for preparing print files, as many, even agencies, preflight. [See comment from “Robert Arena” in article link.] Then, there was the following comment (from the many)… Since Quark is networking with print providers via their new Quark Promote program, this indeed may also be an opportunity for Quark:

… Quark should do a quick PR and announce they will take all your CS seats and extend their Quark print program the number of months left with Adobe with all new memberships. Also offer to cross upgrade all seats of CS at the upgrade cost of Quark.

Adobe was aggressive with getting printers from Quark with the provider program. Now that they have got what they can of us, they are dropping it. I am sure for money is the reason as Adobe sees little increase in market share at this point. This opens a huge door for Quark, if they move quickly.

Just like when Quark was king and become arrogant and ignored its users, Adobe took advantage. Quark today can do the same to Adobe, if they move quickly with good options, printers will respond.

The Provider program is not a huge factor in my business, as I have multi seats and can just upgrade as I need. It hurts smaller shops and marginal ones more. That said, it shows printers have less clout with Adobe and does not bode well when your industry loses influence with a major provider.”

John M. Henry
Mitchell’s Speedway Press
Mitchell Printing & Mailing Inc.
Source: WhatTheyThink

The article is filled with interesting comments, so it really is one to read. Like most of the corporate and business world, Adobe has been cutting back; so, perhaps, it should not be over-analyzed. Furthermore, if you look at the rest of the their “partner programs” they seem to aim at the channel, like “Solution Providers.” We have long recommended for printers to become print solution providers, as they can best consult and sell print software and print workflow assistance to their customers. This is one of the reasons for our popular Affiliate Program.

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Adobe drops Print Service Provider Program A Quark opportunity?

Title: Adobe drops Print Service Provider Program A Quark opportunity?
Published on: January 12, 2010
David Dilling

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