Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality: Check Image Resolution +more

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You can batch preflight images for print quality. Check image resolution and more for multiple image files, in one preflighting session, using Markzware FlightCheck pre press software:

Issues such as low resolution, missing fonts, incorrect bleed, transparency, spot colors, RGB, and hairlines can affect printing results. Catch issues in Adobe CC 2018 document images, colors, fonts, etc., and other files, in advance!

Markzware develops solutions for print workflow production, content creation, desktop publishing (DTP) and more. Markzware’s FlightCheck is a preflight solution for prepress that can ensure print quality, without sacrificing image quality.

Quality-checking tools allow printers to produce more documents, with less time and trouble. FlightCheck offers easy-to-use, affordable preflight management. See a demonstration of FlightCheck, in the following video:

Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality: Check Image Resolution +more

Markzware’s FlightCheck can scan your customer’s print files for low resolution, RGB, or missing images. FlightCheck provides valuable information about files and images, in a quick and accurate way.

How to Check PDF and Non-PDF Files for Print Quality Control:
• Install and activate FlightCheck.
• Click Preferences checkboxes and Ground Controls, especially in the Images section.
• Set Ground Control items to Off, Warning, or Error, as needed.
• Drag and drop your pre-press file onto the FlightCheck icon.
• FlightCheck will begin to preflight print files and warn of specified file issues.

You can use FlightCheck in any stage of the print workflow, to ensure correct images are in the print job folder, before distribution. (The earlier, the better!) FlightCheck can be especially useful for identifying file problems that affect images and other print layout details.

• Images need to have a certain minimum resolution to be printed at a good quality. The required resolution depends on the type of printing. That is why the preflight process should check if all image resolutions exceed a minimum threshold value. GWG recommends rejecting files containing color and grayscale images with a resolution below 100 ppi for newsprint and 150 ppi for commercial offset work. For 1-bit images anything below 550 ppi is considered unacceptable. Many preflight applications can already give a warning when the image resolution gets dangerously close to these minimum values.
• Images that have a resolution that is too high lead to bloated files that take longer to transmit or process. For newsprint GWG sets the maximum resolution to 300 ppi for color or grayscale images and 1905 ppi for 1-bit images. For commercial print using offset presses, the maximum resolution is set to 450 ppi for color or greyscale images and 3600 ppi for 1-bit images. Defining a maximum resolution is somewhat controversial: if this problem gets resolved by downsampling images, this can cause issues with special types of images such as security elements. Some users also argue that large file sizes are no longer the problem that they once were. From their point of view, the risks of downsampling exceed the advantages of limiting the file size.
• By checking if white line-art is set to overprint, you avoid that such images disappear on the final output.
• Theoretically, it is possible to put images that use 16 bits per channel in a PDF file. This leads to bloated files that may cause rendering issues on older RIPs, without any real-world advantage in printing quality. Preflight can make sure no 16-bit images are allowed.

– Laurens Leurs,

Image file users can unlock potential with advantages of using FlightCheck:
• provides you with a certainty that a preflight checklist has been performed before press time.
• allows users to add notes, observations and ideas to the print job folder.
• reduces material and labor costs.
• allows you to organize preflight checks in various print areas.
• is much less exerting than performing a time-consuming visual check.
• supports PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and other print file types.
• optimizes the print workflow, by finding errors before they cause serious issues.
• enhances branding via association of the business with quality.
• notifies users of errors, their location, print category details and other data.
• presents a log of file issues that allows users to address these file problems before they become printing problems.
• helps you to speed up production, by setting options for repeat preflight preferences, according to your workflow’s needs.

Image Ground Controls to Check Image Resolution, When You
Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality, via the FlightCheck App:

Image Ground Controls to Check Image Resolution via FlightCheck App to Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality

Features in the FlightCheck preflight application:
• chance to select multiple files for increased productivity during the same preflight process.
• support for Adobe Creative Cloud file types including InDesign CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018 and Photoshop CC 2018.
• Ground Controls that allow customization for flexibility to suit the particular workflow.
• support for many languages, including English, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.
• file collection to package associated print job files into one folder.
• warnings of potential printing errors found.
• easy installation via the Applications folder.

You can preflight all your incoming print files for image resolution, application version, missing fonts, and many other details. FlightCheck accommodates pre-press professionals very well, as it handles preflighting for all common image and print file types.

Expand Markzware FlightCheck‘s Ground Controls, to Check
Image Resolution and Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality:

Expand FlightCheck's Ground Controls to Check Image Resolution and Batch Preflight Images for Printing Quality

FlightCheck can preflight a host of file formats:
• Photoshop
• Tag Image File Format (TIFF)
• Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
• Acrobat PDF
• Illustrator
• InDesign
• QuarkXPress
• Word
• CorelDRAW
• FreeHand
• PageMaker
• much more

A document designer might use low resolution images, the wrong font, wrong color(s), incorrect bleed, or commit similar errors. Industry tip: Effective image resolution should be twice the line screen, 200+ pixels per inch, and at least 300dpi.

You’ll also want to ensure that images and files in a document are properly linked. FlightCheck helps you to verify that all files are linked, so that you won’t end up with low-resolution images in your print document.

Guidelines to Check Image Resolution, via FlightCheck, to
Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality:

Guidelines to Check Image Resolution via FlightCheck, to Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality

Some common file problems that FlightCheck can inspect include:
• used images
• missing images
• image resolution
• low resolution images
• image types
• image sizes
• embedded images
• colors
• fonts
• file format
• ink density
• page size
• trapping
• ICC profiles
• transparency

Poor image resolution. We see this issue come up a lot. Just because an image looks crisp and clear on your desktop or printout in the office doesn’t necessarily mean it will be crisp and clear on a large printed item. To ensure your images do look their best, make sure you are using the highest resolution possible. We recommend 300 ppi or higher, at minimum.

Markzware FlightCheck logo and DTP logos 480x595
Need to know if you are missing an image, font, or color file from your document’s print job folder? Pre-press professionals should review document details, including images, by preflighting before packaging and printing.

For more information on Markzware‘s prepress software to check digital files for print quality control, see the FlightCheck page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) and printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page. Please feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List and interact with Markzware on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.

Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality: Check Image Resolution +more

Title: Batch Preflight Images for Print Quality: Check Image Resolution +more
Published on: July 20, 2018
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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