How to Check for ICC Profiles with Preflight in FlightCheck

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Check ICC Profiles with Markzware FlightCheckCheck for ICC profiles to preflight color in images, or in the desktop publishing (DTP) layout itself, with stand-alone pre press software developed by Markzware, publisher of several popular printing solutions. Here is how to check ICC profiles in native files with FlightCheck, the preflight solution to ensure printing quality when you preflight InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, EPS, and more DTP file types:

How to Check for ICC Profiles with Preflight in FlightCheck Pre-Press Software

Use FlightCheck preflight solution for top printing quality to check for ICC profiles.

Hi, Bob, this is Doug Rosen at Markzware, running FlightCheck 6.90. This is build 50, which is the current. We have a new build in Q.A., build 51 and that will probably be out shortly, but in answer to your question, we actually do… you can see the ICC profile (in Markzware FlightCheck). It’s not real straight-forward. Here, it’s just flagging here the images and telling you what image has an ICC profile. And in this Mode column here, if you see an asterisk next to that, the asterisk means that it has an ICC profile. The job can also have an ICC profile associated with it.

In this particular job, it’s an InDesign CS6 job, and I placed five images that all have different ICC profiles. So, in order to see what that profile is for each image, I double-click on the image name, and that brings up what we call a sub-overview window, and here you can see the ICC profile assigned to that image. So, this first one has PAL/SECam. The second one has CIE RGB. This CMYK image has US Newsprint Snap 2007. The next one has Japan Color 2001, and the final RGB has a Wide Gamut RGB.

Bonus Video Tutorial on How to Preflight Color with Pre-Press Software

How to Preflight Color with FlightCheck Preflight Solution
(Advanced Preflight Tutorial)

Now, right now that I can find, this is the only way that we can see what the ICC profile is for the image. When I do a Collect Report, it’s not putting that in the report. The other thing that I can do is, if I drag a bunch of images in,  they’ll all bring in separate windows. So, let’s take a look at that real quick.

Okay, this is the folder of images I actually used in this InDesign job, so, if I just select all of these guys and drag them to an open window in FlightCheck, it’ll preflight all of them separately and bring up an overview window for each image, and you can see here in the window, it’s showing me the ICC profile for each image.

So, there are a couple of different ways, when you preflight an image, it’s considered what we call a Top-Level Document. So, it will get, you know, here we go. See this image here. It’s a TIFF file, Wide Gamut. This one here is a TIFF. It’s got CIE RGB. This one’s PAL/SECam, and this one’s the US Newsprint.

So, there are ways that you can get that, but it’s not real straight-forward, at present. So, if you have some suggestions on how we might do that better in the next iteration of FlightCheck, now, please send us suggestions. We’d be happy to read those through and discuss them.
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How to check for ICC profiles when you preflight InDesign and other DTP file types, using Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution to preflight color and more in the print workflow! 

Title: How to Check for ICC Profiles with Preflight in FlightCheck
Published on: January 30, 2013
David Dilling

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