Digital Files and Collect Options

Digital Files and Collect Options

Collect files, including digital files, using Collect options in Markzware‘s  preflight solutionFlightCheck:

It is helpful to collect digital files for print vendors during preflighting. Yet, the biggest complaint from print vendors is “missing pieces,” such as missing fonts or images not linked to a file. FlightCheck, preflighting software by Markzware, can collect files for job packaging to collect for output.

FlightCheck ensures file integrity (meaning the file will print with no graphics errors). It assembles all elements used and can combine file elements into one folder during prepress. It collect files with all images to combine file elements. It also collects the screen and printer fonts. FlightCheck ensures that all digital pieces link together to recreate the digital file at the print facility.

This video shows how FlightCheck can package fonts and package Illustrator files during preflighting:

Collect and Package Adobe Illustrator Files with FlightCheck

Do you print your own mailers or fliers and need to collect files in order to collect for output? FlightCheck is helpful to organize content for combining a file. If you outsource printing, Collect options can save time that otherwise would be spent searching for missing file elements to fully combine file elements.

What did a printer do before digital files and collect menu options were used to combine file elements? A printer would manually preflight check to see if all four pieces of film were present and imaging correctly. Every time a file had to be re-imaged, the cost of a standard four-color page increased by about $60. That old saying is true: Time is money. FlightCheck pre press software saves both.

Visit the FlightCheck page and buy Markzware’s preflight solution to collect digital files. More printing solutions are available via the Markzware Products page.

Digital Files and Collect Options

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