Ice Skating on a Frozen Lake

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There is something about the sound that the blades of your ice skates make when digging into natural ice that hits me deep within. It is a cross between the sound of someone hand-sharpening a large machete on a stone and that primal, hollow echo pang that a solid lake makes when being pressured. When the thrusting steel hits the cold surface, it is initiated. And when you are at a distance, watching several skaters go by, you hear what amounts to a symphony orchestra. This is extra relaxing when you listen while taking a break from gliding along!

Watch another of our Markzware Adventures with some of the Markzware Europe crew skating at lunch this January day in Delft, outside of Holland:

Markzware Adventures – Skating on a Frozen Lake

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Ice Skating on a Frozen Lake

Title: Ice Skating on a Frozen Lake
Published on: January 7, 2009
David Dilling

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