InDesign CS4 Live Preflighting

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Markzware, inventors of preflighting, hold US Patent # 5,963,641. Markzware has been busy innovating within this fast-moving technical niche since 1995.

Markzware’s preflight solution, FlightCheck, can check InDesign CS4 and many file types for print quality assurance, before printing. FlightCheck has become synonymous with preflight and many have referred to Markzware as “the preflight experts.” So, it was interesting to read about the “few issues” Mr. James Wamser discovered within Adobe InDesign‘s Live Preflight:

“Up until CS4, InDesign’s preflight feature was subpar at best. Luckily preflight in CS4 has been completely redesigned from the ground up. My friend James Wamser (he printed the InDesign Secrets posters) and I were talking and although we both agree this is a great feature, he shared a few issues that he has discovered with the new preflight. The first few are the observations that he has come across and I added a few of my own.” Source

You can read the article to see the details, but here is a general list of issues or things that this Adobe feature appears to lack:

  • Four Color Text
  • Bleed/trim hazard
  • Profile Error reporting
  • Preflight profile sharing with Acrobat
  • Fonts not allowed rule
  • Custom profile for everyone to download
  • Slow performance
  • Non-Proportional Scaling

FlightCheck can mean a lot for many of the above issues. For instance, the “Preflight profile sharing with Acrobat” point above is easily solved by using FlightCheck. Our Ground Controls sets (which also take care of “Custom profile for everyone to download” above) can be set up, shared with others, and can check several file formats! This includes Adobe InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and many other file types. See the usefulness?  You can use FlightCheck if you are doing Acrobat 8 print, Adobe InDesign file printing, etc.

Michael Ninness from Adobe makes a nice comment on this article linked above and he makes sense. This is a useful feature from Adobe and surely will get better. Yet, it must be clear that FlightCheck is a stand-alone application. It is extremely fast and useful in the print workflow alongside Live in-flight checking, yet is a necessity.

A preflight check must take place before printing to catch printing errors before it’s too late. FlightCheck preflight solution can thoroughly check documents for print quality control. Markzware‘s pre press software  even provides detailed reports on potential printing problems, to avoid reprinting. Try the free FlightCheck demo and see how much time and materials you can save, by printing documents properly.

InDesign CS4 Live Preflighting

Title: InDesign CS4 Live Preflighting
Published on: January 15, 2009
David Dilling

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