iPad, Print-Media and Publishing - the iSubscribe model

iPad, Print-Media and Publishing – the iSubscribe model

Publishing tools for print continue to be in the news. The iPad has been talked about by everyone from creatives to pundits, over the last week. Even Google has appeared to enter the tablet market. The following brings up what it might mean for publishers and printers, such as users of FlightCheck. This publishing tool, by Markzware, for preflighting can check documents and prevent printing errors before document output. This regards the question on everyone’s mind: How will a daily newspaper be sold and downloaded on the Apple iPad?

When have you ever known Steve Jobs to just place his hands at his sides and accept failure? I’m guessing he usually does not, from what we hear. There was no iMag store, or iSubscribe like iTunes app, where readers can easily get the latest edition of the NY Times or TIME Magazine with a simple click. This leaves me with a suspicion.

That is, between now and when stores actually offer this new product, do not be surprised to be surprised. I would not be the least bit shocked if Apple comes out with a subscription model or iTunes for newspaper and magazine publishers that will rock the multi-tasking Google Android tablet device, quietly slipped out in typical GOOG fashion.

Apple and Adobe; no love loss indeed… The market is heating up fast for these devices and, of course, for Amazon and it’s successful Kindle eReader. Publishers and printers will want to consider the impact and use FlightCheck for preflighting during the prepress workflow. It is so important to avoid potential printing problems before the often costly printing process.

Preflight to Check Files for iPad, Print-Media and Publishing, with FlightCheck

Markzware’s pre press software can check Adobe files and more for printing quality

It appears that publishing tools like FlightCheck, software for preflighting to ensure print quality control, still have some traction. You can buy FlightCheck and other printing solutions via the Markzware Products page.

iPad, Print-Media and Publishing – the iSubscribe model

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