Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac General Preferences

Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac General Preferences

Markzware‘s FlightCheck 7.5 Mac General Preferences let you customize setup for startup
messages, results, alert sounds, embedded objects, collected job icon, and recent items:

FlightCheck is the patented preflight solution to check prepress files for print quality control.
You can manage certain preflight features in FlightCheck’s General Preferences.
Under the General Preferences area, there are six items you can setup:

  • Show Startup Messages
  • Show Results
  • Play Alert Sound
  • Report Embedded Objects
  • Use Custom Icon For Collected Jobs
  • Number of Recent Items

Markzware FlightCheck General Preferences
Show Startup Messages
Enable this if you want Markzware to notify you of updates for FlightCheck and other news.

Show Results
By default, this brings up the Results window, when a document is preflighted.
The Results window is a text-based summary of the issues detected in your document.
The Overview window contains text as well as icons and hover info.
Some people only wish to see the Overview window.
Some people want to see both the Results and Overview windows.

Play Alert Sound
Enable this if you want FlightCheck to notify you that it finished preflighting and detecting errors in the job. The FlightCheck eagle will squawk to alert you. This preference also enables the “zing” sound if a job preflights without any errors. (Remember to turn up your speaker volume high enough to hear it.) Many people like the sound on. This enables them to work on other tasks across the room and be notified by the squawk or zing when a job has finished preflighting. To disable these sounds, deselect the Play Alert Sound checkbox.

Report Embedded Objects
When this Preference is enabled, FlightCheck will report on embedded objects in the Overview,
Results and Collect windows. If this Preference is disabled, FlightCheck will not report embedded objects (i.e., fonts and images) as used.

Use Custom Icon For Collected Jobs
By default, FlightCheck will add an icon to the Collected Job Folder. If this preference is disabled or unchecked, FlightCheck will not add any icons to Collected Job Folders. (FlightCheck can collect files to package fonts, package InDesign, package Illustrator, etc. into an easy-to-share folder.)

Number of Recent Items
The number you put in this box reflects the quantity of items to show under the File > Open Recent menu. It is advisable to set the number of items between 5 and 10. This creates a long enough list for most people to manage.

For more information on Markzware’s pre press software to check digital files for printing quality, see the FlightCheck page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) and printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac General Preferences

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