Markzware Introduces CFour, Developer and Demonstrator Of iStudio At Graph Expo 2007

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SANTA ANA, California September 6, 2007 — Markzware ( is the inventor and developer of modern preflighting and creator of data extraction and conversion software. Markzware would like to introduce CFour, developer and demonstrator of iStudio Publisher Lite at the upcoming Graph Expo & Converting Expo 2007 trade show and conference, September 9-12, 2007.

Markzware products and CFour will be exhibiting at Chicago’s McCormick Place South, Booth No. 5151. Introducing iStudio Publisher Lite, the desktop publishing page layout program so easy to use, you won’t need to learn how to use it. Powerful and intuitive, iStudio Publisher Lite lets you do everything from writing a letter to designing a report; from creating a brochure to publishing a magazine.

Markzware and CFour focus on market needs such as:

  • Designers, not yet experts, that need a simple-to-use, hassle-free application to create advertisements for their local newspapers.
  • Professional graphic designers who want to be in control of managing the finer details of typography, color and layout.

Designed from the ground up, with simplicity in mind. iStudio Publisher Lite gives you all the tools needed, within easy reach, to design great looking documents. iStudio’s comprehensive inspector palette holds everything needed for tweaking; which means less windows, more space for designing and less time hunting for features.

iStudio Publisher Lite is based on the powerful CFour publishing engine. This is a rich toolkit of software components for building a wide range of desktop publishing (DTP) applications. For more on CFour, see below. The engine handles all the clever stuff such as the layout, formatting, rendering & printing. This allows great features such as:

Designer Tricks: Write text along any shaped paths and inside any shaped containers.

Easy linking: Link text from a wavy line, to a three columned circle shaped container and then on to another wavy line.

Shape library: A set of useful shapes that can be frequently extended to kick start your designs.

Moving around:

  • Smooth zoom to 5000% allows you to see the finer things in life.
  • Smooth panning and intuitive document navigation helps you move around easier.
  • Live formatting during drag.

The way you work:

  • Multiple document windows. Need to see two different parts of the document, zoomed in, at the same time? No problem.
  • True spread editing to allow you to work over two pages.
  • Large workspace for off-page construction and storage.
  • Easy to use master page.

Visit Markzware booth # 5151 at Graph Expo and let us know what you think!

About CFour:
CFour Limited is a company based in the UK. CFour is a team comprising of magazine and newspaper publishers, graphic designers and computer programmers.

About Markzware:
Markzware, a privately held company based in Santa Ana, California, is a leading developer of quality assurance, data conversion and workflow solutions for the international graphic arts, printing, publishing and digital multimedia industries. Markzware B.V., located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is the company’s headquarters for activities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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Markzware Introduces CFour, Developer and Demonstrator Of iStudio At Graph Expo 2007

Title: Markzware Introduces CFour, Developer and Demonstrator Of iStudio At Graph Expo 2007
Published on: September 6, 2007
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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