Preflight Acrobat 10.1 PDF: FlightCheck Preflight for Adobe CS5.5

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Preflight Acrobat 10.1 PDF files with FlightCheck, preflight solution to check Adobe CS5.5 and other file types:

Preflight Acrobat 10.1

FlightCheck, the patented software from Markzware for preflighting to check documents for print quality control, can preflight Acrobat 10.1 for Adobe CS5.5 production. Acrobat 10.1 is a version of Adobe‘s PDF viewing and editing application, along with Creative Suite CS5.5. Adobe Acrobat 10.1 includes native Flash support, plus enhanced collaboration tools like PDF Portfolios and Adobe CS5.5 print production tools. Click to watch this video on how to preflight PDF:

Preflight Acrobat PDF and more with FlightCheck

Preflight Adobe Acrobat PDF with Markzware’s preflighting solution, FlightCheck

To preflight Acrobat 10.1 and many other file formats, FlightCheck scans files to catch potential printing problems before the output process. Preflighting with FlightCheck considerably saves time, materials and money.

PDF Portfolios is an Acrobat tool that lets users bundle documents, images and videos together as packages with summaries, create PDF files or forms. Collect and analyze form data without requiring IT department involvement. Portfolios are compatible with hosted services that support document collaboration.

Create Preflight Droplet with Preflight Profiles Options

Acrobat 10.1 is supported by FlightCheck for preflighting in Adobe CS5.5 print production environments. Check for possible problems with RGB, CMYK, spot colors, and much more. Acrobat 10.1 offers full support for PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/X-4p, PDF/X-5 and PDF/E.

Check Adobe and more file formats before you print, by using pre press software. To preflight Acrobat 10.1 and other file formats, buy Markzware’s preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflight Acrobat 10.1 PDF: FlightCheck Preflight for Adobe CS5.5

Title: Preflight Acrobat 10.1 PDF: FlightCheck Preflight for Adobe CS5.5
Published on: March 8, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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