Preflight Checklist for Printing Color Graphics

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Preflight Checklist for
Printing Color Graphics

preflight checklist appeared in an article titled, “Prepress Checklist: Use on Graphic Design Projects Sending Out to Printers.” FlightCheck, the patented preflighting solution, can check documents, including color graphic design projects, prior to printing. FlightCheck goes beyond running an electronic quality assurance check on Adobe Acrobat or InDesign documents with Markzware‘s FlightCheck preflighting application, but a prepress process dedicated to perfecting documents before printing color graphics.

Markzware has a wide knowledge base on preflighting. Markzware holds the patent on the FlightCheck preflighting technology.

FlightCheck preflights documents with a built-in checklist, although tasks can also be customized to suit your needs, but a preflight checklist like this is something to consider before printing color graphics or sending off your valuable graphics to be printed. The article mentioned items to check:


The files are camera ready

HARD COPY (mark through if not needed)

Desktop printed files are done according to the printer’s instructions

Files are in order

Files are complete

Separations color (if color)

Registration marks (if color)

Everything aligned

Headlines spelled correctly

ELECTRONIC COPY (mark through if not needed)

Everything aligned

Headlines spelled correctly

Headlines spelled correctly

Fonts embedded (PDF)

Art files included (for Non-PDF documents)

Proof copy for the press is supplied (if necessary)

The files are all on disk OR

Special instructions are included

The printer is standing by to receive the files (if electronic)

The files were received (whether mailed, hand delivered or emailed)

The printer verified the files are complete and ready

The printer has no additional questions

Source: Prepress Checklist : Use on Graphic Design Projects Sending Out to Printers

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A preflight checklist for printing color graphics is an excellent way to ensure your color graphics output correctly. Printing color graphics is easier with the proper planning and right preflighting tools, like Markzware FlightCheck, to do the job!

Markzware has been developing printing and publishing solutions for decades. Markzware offers pre-flight software that is compatible with several file formats, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, Photoshop, and many more.
FlightCheck can collect and package elements, as well as find numerous types of errors prior to output, so issues can be solved before printing. Feel free to visit the Markzware website for more tips on preflighting, printing and publishing. Preflight color and check documents to check print jobs for top printing quality today!

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Preflight Checklist for Printing Color Graphics

Title: Preflight Checklist for Printing Color Graphics
Published on: June 16, 2009
David Dilling

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