Preflighting PDF Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck

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Markzware is the developer of FlightCheck, the patented software for preflighting PDF files, as well as and non-PDF files and more, to check documents for print quality control before printing. FlightCheck scans files during preflighting to catch potential printing problems before the output process. Markzware develops FlightCheck for preflighting PDF and non-PDF files, which is an important step during prepress.

Markzware continues to develop FlightCheck for performance in preflighting for PDF workflows, which helps printers better deal with preflighting PDF files. This preflighting software allows company’s to increase production, while saving time, money and materials. This makes PDF workflows for print more efficient, cost-effective and green.

Preflighting PDF Files for Print Quality Control with FlightCheck

FlightCheck can preflight PDF files for prepress by checking documents for print quality.

FlightCheck offers print quality assurance when preflighting PDF files. FlightCheck will even provide preflighting results in a report. When you need a thorough document check during preflighting, use FlightCheck for top print quality control. When FlightCheck’s preflight report shows proof of a properly prepared file, the creator and printer can rest assured that the result will be a proper PDF.

Markzware FlightCheck combines detailed document checking, job collecting and job packaging in one thorough application. Other preflight tools exist, but FlightCheck is the patented, standard preflighting software with proven, comprehensive capabilities. Professionals in the graphic arts, printing and desktop publishing (DTP) can especially benefit from FlightCheck’s ability to streamline PDF workflows.
Preflight PDF Tools in Markzware FlightCheck Preflight Solution

FlightCheck is a stand-alone application that performs preflight quality control inspection on many common file types such as Adobe InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress and PDF.

Preflight, in the graphic arts industry, is the process of checking a digital document before it goes to plate, print or otherwise output (exported – such as to PDF). It is a way to check quality before printing, digitally or otherwise, but can also be used to check any common artwork file. Preflight may be done on the source desktop publishing document, or before creating a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The term preflight was first used during a presentation in 1990 by Chuck Weger, a well known industry consultant. There were some early postscript RIPs that interpreted data and provided a preflight report of sorts.

The first commercial preflight application, called “FlightCheck,” was introduced to the public by Markzware [1] and appeared at the Seybold Seminars Conference at San Francisco in the Fall of 1995. U.S. Patent, number 5,963,641 was subsequently granted – ‘Device and method for examining, verifying, correcting and approving electronic documents prior to printing, transmission or recording.’ Source:

Poorly constructed customer files can present a problem for document creators and printers. Many businesses successfully use FlightCheck for proofing and job submission. FlightCheck, the application from Markzware for preflighting PDF and other workflows, is available online at the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions are available on the Markzware Products page.

Preflighting PDF Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck

Title: Preflighting PDF Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck
Published on: March 8, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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