Preflighting Prepress Print Workflow for Content Creation with FlightCheck

Preflighting is a must in today’s print workflowFlightCheck, the patented preflight technology from Markzware, can check documents in many file formats to ensure print quality before output. FlightCheck thoroughly scans documents and flags possible print errors during preflighting, so that they can be corrected before they print.

Desktop publishing (DTP) and computer-to-plate printing provided the foundation of the prepress workflow in digital printing as we know it today. Preflighting with FlightCheck is at the heart of prepress processes. More than a decade ago, the commercial printing industry began to envision that workflow. It was to be stealthy, automated and efficient, with client-supplied digital content jobs moving seamlessly through the print company’s processes.

Preflighting Prepress Print Workflow for Content Creation with FlightCheck

Markzware FlightCheck for preflighting prepress in the print workflow for content creation

The prepress workflow itself is far from perfect, most printers will attest. And perhaps the most significant kink in the chain remains in content creation at the start of the process. Bad documents continue to arrive at the prepress department as ill-prepared and incomplete, losing time and money for both printer and client. The project is pulled from the process and either fixed by the printer’s prepress representative or bounced back to the client for repair and resubmission, stopping the presses. Thank goodness for FlightCheck and how much money and trouble it saves by preflighting.

Stephen Shinnick is vice president of sales for All Systems Integration, a Woburn, MA-based integration firm that specializes in printing and publishing technologies, providing the opportunity to speak often with commercial printers about their workflow concerns. He estimates up to 60 percent of printers “are still suffering the pains of poorly prepared documents. Including delays like last-minute arrivals, that number may be higher. The number is down from 90 percent to 60 percent in the last five years. So, things are changing slowly.” While that may seem a high figure, it still reflects some progress, after more than a decade of printing experience with the digital workflow.

There are a plethora of printing organizations that have had great success in pushing responsibility for the quality of digital files up the chain, back the client, essentially requiring that the client submit documents consistent with printer specifications. The earlier that potential document flaws are detected and remedied during content creation, the more cost-effective it is for the printer and its client. FlightCheck makes preflighting easy and the responsibility for print quality assurance much less daunting.
Create Convert Preflight Print: Wordle Preflighting Prepress Word CloudUnfortunately, many print clients still lack either the expertise or the creative tools to consistently prepare flawless projects. While the advent of Standardized file formats, like PDF, promised to eliminate flawed documents, that remains an elusive goal. “Everyone can make a PDF file on the computer simply by selecting the print-to-PDF option,” Shinnick explains. “It does not mean that it is a production-quality PDF. Application files are still a very significant portion of the production community,” he says. FlightCheck is the patented preflighting solution for documents created in a native application.

And so printers are left to maintain that initial line of defense, the prepress department, where incoming documents can be scrutinized and given the red or green light. There are several preflighting tools that help printers do just that. As projects enter the prepress department, they are checked by a desktop preflighting solution, like FlightCheck, which adjudicates the file integrity (verifies whether it is a print-ready file) and provides a report on potential printing problems.

Preflighting puts responsibility for quality print job creation at content creation, where it makes the most sense, and enables the printer to streamline the prepress workflow and ensure that tight press schedules are met. Automating preflight also benefits the print customer, who can get peace of mind from knowing that the jobs being released to the printer are accurate, and can decrease extraneous line items on their print bill for unnecessary prepress charges.

FlightCheck is the ideal preflighting solution for the prepress workflow. You can buy this pre press software via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflighting Prepress Print Workflow for Content Creation with FlightCheck

Title: Preflighting Prepress Print Workflow for Content Creation with FlightCheck
Published on: March 9, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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