Prepress Preflight Software FlightCheck Download for Digital Prepress Education

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Prepress Preflight Software FlightCheck
Download for Digital Prepress Education

Digital prepress instructor uses prepress preflight software FlightCheck – Check out this college instructor’s Markzware FlightCheck testimonial and get the FlightCheck download to ensure printing quality in print jobs for education and many other industries:

Markzware FlightCheck User, Peggy Deal, Adjunct Faculty, Scottsdale Community College Graphic Design

FlightCheck is a preflight
bonus in the classroom
– Peggy Deal, adjunct faculty

“I think the lion’s share of printing will be digital in small runs,” expressed Peggy Deal, owner of Deal in Design and also the program director for Graphic Design Certification, when asked what her thoughts were on the future of printing. Deal continued to say, “I think the key to success is an integration of web and print.  Neither one is gong to go away and they are both great tools. The strength together is awesome, you just have to be creative enough to harness it.”

Deal started working in a retail design department after graduating from Indiana University in 1977, then moved to Chicago and became an art director for a tool manufacturing company. In 1986, she moved to Arizona and worked at a printing company for 13 years.

While working at the printing company for so many years, Deal gained a lot of experience as a typesetter and layout, as well as paste-up. Continuing on in the printing company, she became an art director, prepress and electronic service support specialist. After gaining all that experience, she took her expertise and started her own company as a designer and also became a college instructor.

FlightCheck 7 –
Preflight and Package Adobe Creative Cloud and More

FlightCheck v7 with Adobe CC Support banner

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As an instructor at Scottsdale Community College, one of the classes that Deal teaches is Digital Prepress.  Markzware FlightCheck is one of the applications that she uses to teach her students on how to properly ensure their documents are correct in a more in-depth process. “Having FlightCheck to teach the students is a preflight bonus. One of the things I really like about FlightCheck is its thoroughness.”

The prepress preflight software FlightCheck will preflight digital files thoroughly, perform a detailed scan, and warn you about digital print problems, while directing you to them for repair. Markzware FlightCheck guides you through the preflight workflow process with a preflight checklist and issues a preflight report with complete print job analysis.

A Markzware FlightCheck preflight report highlights digital print errors, item by item, including wrong document size, missing fonts, incorrect colors, spot color transparency, incorrect image resolution and much more. The FlightCheck download can package and collect all required print job elements, such as images and fonts, to ensure that jobs print as expected.

Instructors can use the prepress preflight software FlightCheck to help students learn digital prepress and other real-world skills. Purchase the FlightCheck download via the FlightCheck to get the patented, thorough preflighting application.

Prepress preflight software FlightCheck download to ensure printing quality for education and more!

Title: Prepress Preflight Software FlightCheck Download for Digital Prepress Education
Published on: June 8, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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