Print Documents Created in Page Layout Applications? Check for Quality

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Do you print documents created in page layout applications? Check for quality, before you print, by using Markzware‘s FlightCheck preflight solution:

You could use layout applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc., to create print documents. When the document is printed, file problems might be revealed. You’ll want to check print quality, by preflighting the document, before you print it. Thankfully, there is preflight software that helps to assess print quality and to catch possible printing problems, before press time.

Creative professionals use Markzware‘s industry-leading printing solutions in organizations worldwide. Markzware’s FlightCheck is pre press software designed to inspect a large number of document details in an effective and efficient manner.

Built-in preflight may be helpful for document checking, but is not as thorough as FlightCheck. See how easy it is to tell FlightCheck to find errors in graphic design documents, as shown in this demonstration video:

Print Documents Created in Page Layout Applications? Check for Quality

Markzware’s FlightCheck application for preflighting has a Page Layout area to conduct a print quality assurance check of your page layout files. Find errors before press time, so that you can make corrections and can produce quality documents.

Printers can customize Ground Controls and drop a page layout document on the FlightCheck icon. FlightCheck will immediately begin to preflight the document, then provide a preflight report with the results.

Productivity is a worthy (and challenging) goal in today’s print workflow. Achieve higher quality with less waste on a variety of posters, stationery, labels, and more.

… built in document info and preflights … Great help but it doesn’t beat a professional application like FlightCheck.

– Sigurdur Armannsson, FlightCheck user

Key Benefits of Using FlightCheck:
• can put your client at ease from knowing that their print job will be checked before printing.
• enables workflows to organize and coordinate via one central print job folder, rather than cause duplicate work and downtime.
• allows team members to collaborate the “green” way, via digital files.
• lets you customize your document inspection, with flexible Preferences and Ground Controls.
• is much less stressful than doing a tedious visual check.
• handles preflighting for printing quality of both PDF and non-PDF documents.
• gives users print quality control that saves time, labor, and print materials.
• presents a log of file issues that allows users to address these file problems before they become printing problems.
• helps you to speed up production, by setting options for repeat preflight preferences, according to your workflow’s needs.

“Page Layout” Section in Markzware‘s FlightCheck App, to
Check Quality of Print Documents Created in Layout Applications:

FlightCheck Page Layout Menu to Check Quality of Print Documents Created in Layout Applications
FlightCheck’s key features:
• chance to select multiple files for increased productivity during the same preflight process.
• support for Adobe Creative Cloud file types including InDesign CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018 and Photoshop CC 2018.
• Ground Controls that allow customization for flexibility to suit the particular workflow.
• support for multiple languages, including Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.
• packaging of the print job files into a single folder for sharing.
• detailed, custom preflight reporting, with alerts and warnings.
• easy installation via the Applications folder.

As we saw, the GroundControls are very powerful in FlightCheck and thus the preflight report is comprehensive and complete. The Page Layout feature is also very cool and useful, for from there you can spring into your InDesign file and make the corrections or needed edits. Lastly, the Collect Job feature is also still useful (as compared to Adobe’s Package function) for FlightCheck Professional can even compress the job (with all fonts and images included) so that you can then simply attach that .zip archive to an email and whoosh it off to the printer or next party in the workflow.

Preflighting could enable your print workflow to be more effective in achieving quality output, which could have a positive effect on revenue. FlightCheck can perform an in-depth check desktop publishing (DTP) file types for print quality control.

Detail of Page Layout Menu in Markzware‘s FlightCheck Preflight App, to
Check Print Documents Created in Page Layout Applications for Quality:

Detail in FlightCheck Page Layout Menu to Check Print Documents Created in Layout Applications for Quality
FlightCheck can preflight these file formats:
• Adobe Acrobat
• Corel CorelDRAW
• Encapsulated PostScript
• Adobe FreeHand
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe PageMaker
• Adobe Photoshop
• Quark QuarkXPress
• Tag Image File Format
• Microsoft Word
• and more

Many print businesses overlook material waste, yet it can cause high costs. With FlightCheck by Markzware, graphic designers can catch typical problems and fix them before submission for expensive print processes.

FlightCheck can report on numerous print document details, including:
• colors
• fonts
• image resolution
• file format
• missing images
• ink density
• ICC profiles
• image type
• embedded images
• transparency
• trapping

Markzware FlightCheck logo 150x150
What you see onscreen may differ from the appearance of your document after you export the PDF or print. Give your team the capability to capture and share print file data, today!

You can buy this preflight solution, via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP, on the Markzware Products page.

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Print Documents Created in Page Layout Applications? Check for Quality

Title: Print Documents Created in Page Layout Applications? Check for Quality
Published on: May 14, 2018
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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